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Reader Question: Photo Blogging Web Service?

Adam S writes:

I'm looking for a photo-blogging host, and I can't find anything decent. I'm wondering if you can recommend something, or maybe appeal to your high-quality readership for suggestions.

I'm on SmugMug: It's cheap, fast, reliable, and great for displaying galleries, but useless as a blog platform. I've also tried WordPress and Ghost: *

WordPress is usable as a blogging platform, but weak as a photo platform. Once you get the performance issue solved (Amazon Lightsail and WP Engine get the job done), you're left with half-hearted image support. Yes, I waded through ~100 photo blogging themes for WordPress. I coughed up for the best theme out there (TwoFold), and it really doesn't cut the mustard. * Ghost is simply not ready for prime time

I want to write an article about a series of related pics I took. I want to display those pics using every pixel available on the target device. Mobile support is nice-to-have, but I don't really care how my stuff looks on a postage stamp:
* Good blog support.
* Click on an image in a blog post, and an image *gallery* appears.
* That gallery supports full-screen images. It optimizes the mapping from the (high-res) source image to the full-screen resolution of the target platform.

That's all. It's not out there. I've tried Wix, Format, Squarespace, Zenfolio, Pixpa, 500px, Flickr, and 10 or 15 others I can't remember. None of them is good at displaying high-quality images. Image quality is literally a second- or third-tier concern for those platforms--optimized for the cellphone crowd.

DIGLLOYD: I don’t know—reader comments welcome and I will post suggestions.

I write all my backend server code and have solved all of these issues in a pioneering way in terms of Retina image display and multiple sizes and to this day see no other website in the world half as sophisticated. But, that’s not very helpful to those looking, I suppose unless I create and license a genera purposed server product to do so.

Eric writes: has excellent features for photographers and has a blog service as well, and is very snappy with display of large files.

Howard B writes:

The person asking about a photo centric blogging platform might look at the 2 Adobe services that come free with the $9.99 per month Photographic plan. Just saw Julieanne Kost demonstrate them and they are definitely work exploring:

Adobe Spark
This seems to be a photo centric blogging site…..

Adobe Portfolio
Totally photo centered with less text.

What I got from Julieanne’s presentation, is your images must start in Lightroom. You then sync the ones you want to use and they are available on these two sites. They come with lots of prebuilt designs, and can be customized fairly easily. I’m going to try them out.

I’ve successfully sync’d Lightroom collections to LR Mobile on my iPhone. I've been successful starting with LR mobile app and shooting raw (DNG) files that are processed in the app, or in my LR Classic app. All the processing syncs very quickly and the images are available on both my desktop and my phone and iPad. They are also available at

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