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Zeiss Milvus 135mm f/2 Examples @ 187 Megapixels: Lee Vining Canyon (Panasonic S1R)

See my L-mount mirrorless wishlist and Leica M wishlist.

I have been seeing rewarding improvements in resolution along with ultra low noise using the Multi-Shot High-Res mode of the Panasonic S1R, covered and shown in detail in diglloyd L-Mount Mirrorless. And I have finally found the well hidden way to get the magnification I need for manual focusing.

Last night I wondered if I could obtain HighRes images at the 135mm focal length. My concern was that such long focal lengths magnify the tiniest movement. There was a light breeze and it concerned me that even the wind could also be an issue, in the sense of its pressure moving the camera a fraction of a pixel or so while exposing (I shield the camera whenever possible but I can’t shield the tripod also). Those concerns are surely valid under some conditions, but on this occasion I was able to make some incredibly detailed images.

The Zeiss Milvus 135mm f/2 performs so well that I am showing examples at the full 187 megapixels. I recommend viewing on an iMac 5K at full resolution.

I assess the lens performance of the Zeiss Milvus 135mm f/2 in diglloyd Zeiss DSLR Lenses:

Zeiss Milvus 135mm f/2 Examples @ 187 Megapixels: Lee Vining Canyon at Dusk

Includes images at sizes up to 47, 100, 187 megapixels.

Below, this image when viewed at 187 megapixels clearly defines the fuzz on the aspen flowers (where in focus).

Ancient Dead Aspen in Aspen Grove
f8 @ 1/4 sec Multi-Shot HighRes, ISO 50; 2019-04-24 19:21:57
Panasonic S1R + Zeiss Milvus 135mm f/2
ENV: Lee Vining Canyon, altitude 7400 ft / 2256 m, 60°F / 15°C
RAW: LACA corrected

[low-res image for bot]

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