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United States National Security Policy Should be to Eliminate Key Supply Chains from China

The Chinese people deserve freedom and individual rights. They are not likely to get it any time soon and now live under the world’s most sophisticated police state in the history of the world. I wish them the best*!

What follows is all about the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and its inherent contempt for human life at every level and with every meaning that flows from that. This has nothing to do with ethnicity and everything to do with the CCP, whose policies kill Americans. Chinese people themselves are awesome as are all other ethnicities*, equally.

In terms of national security, Congress should start with the following. Bear in mind that these are directionally meant suggestions, hardly detailed plans!

  • 100% tax CREDIT (not depreciation) for any company bringing back drug production to the United States (credit for the investment to do so). Requires that at least 90% of the required supply for the USA be produced here in the USA. Tariffs on imports at the opportune time.
  • 100% tax CREDIT (not depreciation) for any company bringing back industries, miming of raw materials (e.g. rare earth metals, tungsten, etc) deeemed of national security interest back to USA, so long as substantial wartime-ready production is in the USA (credit for the investment to do so). Tariffs on imports at the opportune time.
  • Ditto for any other items deemed of national security interest.
  • Special low tax rates for 10 years on profits from production of products made here in the USA formerly made in China with full single-year depreciation of investments to make those products.
  • Prominent labeling of ALL consumer products made 80% or more in China. Consumers here in the USA deserve to know what they are buying. I myself will pay a premium for made-in-USA products, or at least products NOT made in Communist countries, particularly China.
  • For every American dying from Chinese Fentanyl or other illegal drugs from China, alphabetically expel Chinese-citizen university students until the horrific loss of life stops (50,000 or more Americans per year die from fentanyl). Nothing personal against those students—it’s to make the CCP stop killing Americans and only the Chinese elite will be able to apply the necessary pressure. But I would be in favor of allowing such students to apply to renounce Chinese citizenship and become US citizens for those pursuing a Masters or PhD—take their best and brightest! Chinese people are TERRIFIC*—the point here is to punish the CCP for not taking action to stem the flow of fentanyl as well as other drug precursors.

This is not a game—a conflict with China (soft or hard) could mean devastation for the USA. We cannot allow that to happen.

* This philosophical view stems from my lifelong belief that each human being is an individual, and must be treated as such, fairly evaluated as an individual and only as an individual without respect to physical traits that are an accident of birth. Any attempt to group people by genetic traits / physical characteristics reveals a fundamental mental flaw—that of granting to oneself superiority by unearned attributes. That is true whether for praise (“proud to be ____”) or the reverse (contempt/hatred for some group based on genetics or ethnicity, etc). All are loathsome forms of tribalism and bigotry, the same two-sided coin of poison.

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