image of Leica S 180mm f/3.5 APO-Tele-Elmar-S
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DSLR medium format 37MP @ 7512x4992

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Leica S Examples

Examples and comparison from the various lenses.


Lenses for the Leica S2 (original Leica S2 material).

Brand-new Blur

Blurry lenses right out of the box..

Leica S2 37.5 Medium Format DSLR

Leica S2 37.5 megapixel DSLR and its lenses..

Blog posts, reverse chronological


2010-08-04 Leica S 180mm f/3.5 APO-Elmar-S update

2010-08-01 Sticking aperture blades on Leica 180mm f/3.5 APO-Elmar-S

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