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The Apple Mac Pro

[ARCHIVE] Various considerations for buying a Mac Pro..

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2022-11-08 Reducing Hasselblad X2D File Size via Hasselblad Phocus Copy/Import, eg Converting Original Capture 3FR to FFF Format

2022-11-07 Back from Trip with Loads of Hasselblad X2D Images — and a Guarantee of Data Integrity with IntegrityChecker

2022-09-18 Don’t let your Photos and Videos Silently Go Corrupt — IntegrityChecker Java version 3.0

2022-04-14 IntegrityChecker Java for Windows Now Available for Download


2020-07-31 diglloydTools IntegrityChecker Java v2.0 fc4 Available for Download

2020-01-19 For Mac/Windows/Linux/etc — diglloydTools IntegrityChecker Java version 1.3b5 Now Available — Includes Automated Install Script for macOS users

2020-01-02 MAJOR Performance Improvements to diglloydTools IntegrityChecker Java version 1.1b10


2019-12-18 Validating Backups, Validating File Transfers, Data Integrity Over Time

2019-04-17 Sony 256GB XQD Card Tests Good Twice with diglloydTools DiskTester, Puts Suspicion of Data Loss Bug Squarely on Panasonic S1R

2019-01-12 Reader Comment: Hard Drive Bad Sectors, Enterprise vs Consumer Drives

2019-01-11 Reader Comment: Hard Drive Error Rates


2018-12-25 Multi-Platform Data Integrity Over Time, Originals and Backups, Perils from Failures, Hackers, etc

2018-09-30 Data Integrity Over Time, and with OS Changes


2016-08-13 diglloydTools IntegrityChecker Java Version: Finds Duplicates, Saved me 100GB!

2016-08-04 NEW! Cross Platform Java-Based diglloydTools IntegrityChecker


2013-11-11 Backup and Transferring Images: From the Field Laptop to Home Workstation

2013-03-26 How to Safely Transfer Photos or Verify Backups: IntegrityChecker for OS X


2010-05-18 diglloydTools and Mac Performance Guide feedback

2010-04-14 DIGLLOYD Mac Performance Guide releases powerful Mac Performance Enhancement and Testing Tools — diglloydTools 2.0

2010-04-13 New Apple MacBook Pro with Intel Core i5, i7 CPU

2010-02-07 SSD slowing down? Speed it up with DiskTester 'recondition'


2009-11-06 A 24TB volume on a Mac Pro

2009-11-03 diglloydTools for performance and reliability

2009-10-26 Checking data integrity of your files and backups


2008-09-26 DiskTester and diglloydTools now part of DAP

2008-01-29 New Mac Pro? Why you should be using DiskTester


2007-03-07 ECC memory errors followup

2007-03-05 Mac Pro memory performance

2007-03-04 Severe FireWire performance bug on Mac Pro

2007-03-02 Mac Pro memory—stress testing

2007-02-12 SanDisk Extreme IV 8GB card


2006-11-23 Maxtor MaxLine Pro 500GB drives in 2-way stripe

2006-09-02 diglloydTools — Hardware Stress Test for PowerPC or Intel

2006-08-17 The 3GHz MacPro

2006-05-15 DiskTester 2.0 released

2006-03-01 Universal Binary DiskTester

2006-03-01 Purchasing a new MacBook Pro? Laptop hard-drive speed.

2006-02-27 IntegrityChecker data integrity checker program ported, optimized

2006-02-20 IntegrityChecker being prepared for release

2006-02-15 New computer equipment

2006-02-10 Testing hard disk speed and reliability

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