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Canon 5D Mark II infrared

Just arrived after conversion at infrared specialist, my Canon 5D Mark II was converted for infrared: the sensor cover glass which normally blocks infrared light is removed, and replaced with glass that passes infrared and blocks visible light.

See my Guide to Digital Infrared Photography for more on infrared photography, or any of my free articles on infrared.

I have long shot a Canon 5D IR (same conversion), but the Live View feature of the 5D Mark II is a big advantage for me, because I shot a variety of manual focus lenses which vary in focal properties, and infrared backfocus can be adjusted effectively only for one lens; others will be more or less inaccurate (many lenses are documented in my Guide)

I chose internal filtration of 715nm for this latest conversion, roughly equivalent to a B+W 092. Filtration at 715nm yields useful false color effects, not just for false color fun, but also for black and white conversion, because it allows more tonal separation among the color channels. The 715nm conversion allows handheld shooting at ISO 100 of about 1/320 second @ f/8. Additional filtration, eg a B+W 093 can be applied on the lens if desired.

The image below is literally the first image I shot, just out my front door, but I think it shows the potential of the converted camera. I’ll be shooting a lot more on my photo tour to Yosemite next week.

Canon 5D Mark II IR + Zeiss 25mm f/2.8 IR-Distagon @ f/8

Removal of the original cover glass also removes the anti-aliasing (blur) filter, so infrared can be even sharper than visible light, provided that you focus it accurately.

Actual pixels

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