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Reader Comments on Plethora of New and Exciting Gear

Reader Richard dG writes to say:

Is is me, or is 2012 shaping up to be one of the more exciting (and perhaps agonizing) years of digital photography? The dynamic range of the Nikon D4, the resolution of the Nikon D800, the removal of anti-aliasing of the Nikon D800E, the ALLVIEW form-factor (and resolution) of the Sony NEX-7, the novel sensor (and ALLVIEW form factor) of the Fuji X-Pro1; my goodness! As usual, I am having great difficulty deciding which way to go - although the D4 is almost certainly out. But as usual, I want aspects from each of these cameras.

As a casual photographer, I sold my D700, because I wasn't using it much - I moved to Miami in 2006 and for most of the year it's just too darn hot and humid to enjoy being outside. But I've recently experienced a resurgence of interest in photography through use of my little 10MP Olympus compact (with f/1.8 lens) - and I got some great shots of Big Sur over Christmas. But 10MP, a tiny sensor, a compact zoom lens and weak fill-flash... well... let's just say I get hyper critical and disappointed very easily when I look at my stuff in Lightroom. The Olympus just isn't enough. So what to do? Read diglloyd of course!

I can't express strongly enough how informative and helpful your writings are. Your thorough review of the Sony NEX-7 made for compelling reading, and led me to subscribe to your 'Guide to Leica'... and of course I now want a bevy of Leica M lenses - thank you very much, Mr Chambers!

But I am eagerly looking forward to reading your thoughts, findings and comparisons on the Fuji X-Pro1 and Nikon D800E. I shall likely keep my Olympus for social occasions, where anything bigger and/or manual focus will just get in the way; but I do want something special for landscapes and situations where the time for more careful compositions can be afforded.

DIGLLOYD: Yes, 2012 looks to be VERY interesting, and more things are coming I cannot yet discuss (mostly later this year).

I will be testing the Nikon D800E and D800 together, though there might be some delay in getting the D800E since it ships later than the D800.

Yosemite’s Tuolumne Meadows just after dusk
Zeiss 21mm f/2.8 Distagon
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