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Upgrade the memory of your 2018 Mac mini up to 64GB
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Reader Comment: Arca Swiss Cube Geared Tripod Head

Michael writes:

Just a quick thank-you for your well written and researched articles. I have been reading a lot of your reviews in DAP lately.

After discovering the Arca-Swiss Cube on your site and reading even more reviews I purchased one through your link yesterday.

The Arca Swiss Cube is exactly the tripod of head I have been looking for. It will go on my Really Right Stuff tripod which I purchased after reading your articles. As well as their ballhead and pano gear.

Even though I'm in Australia I buy a lot of gear through B&H and will make sure all purchases go through your links from now on.

DIGLLOYD: Yes, B&H ships overseas, and I really appreciate use of my B&H links.

The Arca Swiss Cube (about $1699) remains my all-time favorite tripod head. I use it a great deal, using something else only when I want a smaller and lighter tripod setup.

I use a Really Right Stuff clamp on my Cube; the Arca Swiss clamp is not only fiddly and wimpy, but incompatible with some camera plates.

Arca Swiss Cube w/ Really Right Stuff B2-Pro-II-M6

Jeff s writes:

Just wanted to mention I liked the Cube head as well from Arca Swiss when I got it a year ago, but returned it and ordered the D4 new head from Arca Swiss at the time. It took almost a year to get to me, but got it through Rod Klukas the US rep here. I have had it for a couple of months now, and can say it is the finest head I have ever used-being 1.7lbs, geared, and yet free movements-it's awesome! think you will love it, if you haven't had a chance to use it yet??

DIGLLOYD: I have not tried the Arca Swiss D4 head. Sounds interesting. B&H does not seem to carry it.

Rod Klukas (US rep for Arca Swiss) writes:

You are correct that it requires adjustment for plates from various companies. However if the owner is consistent, buying all one companies plates, they will have no problems once adjusted. Anyway, also the price is $1739.00.

DIGLLOYD: Great tripod head with a wimpy and badly designed clamp, and not just because of plate compatibility (and I am not interested in throwing away plates I already have); the Cube clamp design literally fell apart on me as I tried to adjust it. If that happened in the field, the head would become useless. Therefore, I cannot advise anyone to use the Arca Swiss clamp, as there seems to be no mechanical prevention of this fatal flaw. Only one caveat to that: I have the original version of the Cube. The current version looks the same, I suppose the design could have been changed, I don’t know.

I advise my readers of what makes sense. Being forced into a limited selection of lens plates serves no one well. To my knowledge, only Really Right Stuff offers the depth and breadth of selection and the quality that I am looking for.

I quote the street price at B&H. MSRP is not my interest, nor that of my readers, except perhaps in a formal press release.

Save Big $$$$ on Memory for 2019 Mac Pro

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Lloyd recommends 32GB RDIMM modules for most users (more expensive LRDIMMS are for 512GB or more).

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