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Reader Comments: Lens Choices, Infrared, Downsampling

Albert L writes:

It's your fault! I got another Zeiss, ZE 35mm 1.4 and really love it at wide open. Thanks(truly and wholeheartedly).

I got it for the three great reasons from you:

1. Lens are investment, camera is accessories. - Great Philosophy.
2. " sell whatever you have to so that you can afford the 35/1.4" - Great instinct.
3. "Zeiss clearly had something special in mind for this lens. Shoot it wide open, and savor the results. " - Great conclusion.

I still waiting for my Canon 1D X, and I keep practicing to do a sharper image at wide open.


Steve V writes:

In respect of the doll series, would it also be possible to do a print size (upres to 9000) comparison between the 5D2/3 and D800/E?

People who have switched, like me, might be be interested/pleased/disappointed to see for themselves just how much difference there is.

DIGLLOYD: I will probably do this, but I might wait until the Canon 1D X shows up (allegedly June). More interesting would be a scene with less than perfect lighting where shadow noise creeps in.

Gary C writes:

Was wondering what sort of conversion you had done to your 5D Mark II. I know it was the full infrared but what wavelength, the 715 or 830nm?

Any suggestions as to which may be better, pros and cons? I understand that the 830nm sees more IR light, but not sure which way to go.

DIGLLOYD: I prefer the 715nm conversion as it allows more channel separation for black and white conversion (false color). See my Guide to Digital Infrared.

Anh P writes:

You mentioned in numerous of your blogs about downsampling, particularly in conjunction with the Nikon D800. I am still waiting for mine to arrive but I tried it on my Canon 5D M3. I followed a couple of blogs on the net to resize the file in Lightroom from 22 MP to 12 MP.

I could not really see any real difference, so I was wondering whether I have to do something special to get the downsampling effect that you had mentioned.

Also I wonder whether I should not use other software to downsample, I heard about Lanzas or other algorithms to downsample but do not really understand them.

DIGLLOYD: I use Photoshop Bicubic followed by a Topaz InFocus at the minimum setting.

Anh P writes:

Now Kinotehnik just released the new electronic viewfinder and I wonder whether it's worth it go for it? I read your review of the Zacuto electronic VF and to be honest I am not sure what added value except for peaking you would get with the screen. I mean the resolution of the 5DM3 is already very high, no?
Resolution is not the issue. It is acutance that helps with focus.

DIGLLOYD: Resolution is not the issue. It is acutance that helps with decisive and accurate focus (focus peaking adds accutance). The Canon 5D Mark III Live View has “fuzzy edges”, but focus peaking really helps make it obvious.

Throstur T writes:

I can't be bothered reading these bragging of yours ! - We all know how grade your are man...

DIGLLOYD: Beer or wine?

Jeffrey K writes:

It would not be surprising to find that everyone who has read your comparative work on the D800/E has at minimum high regard for your thorough, facts-based approach to teasing out these fraternal twin cameras' capabilities. No matter the degree of agreement with the findings, the opportunity to access such information so soon after the cameras' trickling availability is greatly appreciated.

DIGLLOYD: Thank you.

Robert N writes:

Just renewed my DAP subscription and want to say thanks to you for providing the service: in terms of developing technical understanding and excellence I've actually learned more from reading your sites than from any other source.

In classical music we practice scales and arpeggios with a metronome. First comes accuracy. And only on that foundation is it possible to make art. You've been like my scales and arpeggios guy, helping get the technique to a point where it's possible to make conscious choices about what comes where.

Looking forward to another year of your writings.

DIGLLOYD: Thank you.

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