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Leica M Typ 240: Operational Reliability in the Field

Shooting in the field with the Leica M240 remains an operational chore due to inane menu design and low-res center-focus-only EVF functionality. One need only shoot a Nikon D810 to see so many better characteristics which are so obviously fixable on the M240.

Be that as it may, eighteen months after its introduction the M240 still shows itself to still be an unreliable tool when the camera has to work. It malfunctioned repeatedly every day, including camera lockups requiring power cycling the camera (and loss of the image) and (once) a complete lockup requiring battery removal. On some days, the lockups were every 20th shot or so. It is infuriating to lose shots due to camera malfunction, but 18 months have not fixed the M240 firmware, and this body is the replacement for my 1st lemon.

Carlos V writes:

I've sent my M240 back twice for the lockups and because there were spots in the sensor. Both times it took over a month to get the camera back and to this day (about a year and a half as well) I get lock ups frequently. I lose images because of that too. It is not only frustrating but in a way embarrassing when using this camera in a professional setting and it keeps failing and locking up. Very sad indeed.

DIGLLOYD: for the past two weeks, shooting nearly every day, my M240 locked up regularly, at least 1 in 30 shots, sometimes more frequently, sometimes a bit less. It seems to involve the EVF (I never use the rangefinder any more), and might involve particular operational sequences.

Gary M writes:

Ditto for me as well. It seems to happen when using the EVF. I've narrowed the issue down to pressing the Play button while the just taken image is still being displayed in the EVF.

In other words, using the EVF, an image has been shot and that image preview (or rather "post-view") is displayed on the EVF and while still being displayed, I press the Play button on the back of the camera… total freeze-up and I shut the camera off (actually I turn the switch to Off but it's non-responsive due to the freeze) and then I have to remove the grip and then the battery, reinsert the battery and then turn the camera back on. Then the M240 is ready once again to frustrate in its operation but delight in its images.

The freeze up doesn't happen every time but often enough. If it doesn't happen, the next usual result (in the above sequence) is for the camera to "automatically" switch to LV mode (without my having pressed the LV button).

DIGLLOYD: I’ve had other rather vague emails reporting “no problems” (no specifics on usage), but it seems to me that the common thread is the EVF and perhaps certain operational sequences.

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