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Upgrade the memory of your 2018 Mac mini up to 64GB

Sigma Photo Pro 6.2.1

Continuing its tradition of being the world’s slowest raw converter, Sigma Photo Pro 6.2.1. is out with some bug fixes, and still sporting its vintage 32 bit design*. And after the initial ~90 second hang while chewing up most of a CPU core, SPP does finally appear, ready to satisfy anyone lusting for self-flagellation.

* As far as can be told, Sigma is aiming for some kind of world obstinancy record to be the very last software application to convert to 64 bits. Any day now Apple could rip out 32-bit support, which might leave SPP users just a mite frustrated.

~1 minute hang on startup with fastest Mac available

SIGMA Photo Pro 6.2.1 for Macintosh

The most interesting point is the first one. When the 21mm (equiv) Sigma dp0 Quattro arrives for testing (ETA entirely unknown), I’ll be taking a fresh look at how well it does.

  • It has improved resolution by reconsidering developing process of the RAW data (X3F files) of the SIGMA dp Quattro series.
  • It has added the function to set image aspect ratio 7:6 in the RAW data (X3F files) of the SIGMA dp Quattro series.
  • It has corrected the phenomenon that some color appears in peripheral part of the images when developing the RAW data (X3F files) of image size MED taken with SIGMA Merrill series.
  • It is now compatible with Gatekeeper in Mac OS X10.9.5 and 10.10.
  • It has improved the phenomenon that the RAW data (X3F files) taken by bulb shooting with SD9, SD10 and SD14 is not displayed in the review window.
  • It has corrected the phenomenon that images saved in 8bit TIFF are not displayed properly in some viewers available from other companies.

David G writes:

The challenges of Sigma software: when switching from 5.5.4 to 6.2.0 I discovered the thumbnail size had been substantially reduced and the images themselves were much softer. Hence in 6.2 I had to open every image to see and evaluate. Immediately I went back to 5.5.4.

What a great camera and what challenging and frustrating software--- (as you have repeatedly pointed out!).

DIGLLOYD: in August 2009 I lamented the poor software quality. Thus, we're coming up on five years of inaction by Sigma to design and optimize its software to a modern standard. To this day, a 12 core machine runs little faster than a single CPU core (even as the cores are seemingly utilized; it's very badly done in busy wait contention loops).
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