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Nikon D850: That Video Discussion About Color Rendition

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Raw-file capability does not exist with the Nikon D850.

Just kidding, but you would think so listening to Nikon’s PR video in which they discuss the scene-recognition system and its terrific color rendition due to twice as many sensing pixels (180,000 vs 81,000 RGB analysis pixels ). But not once is there mention that the entire topic revolves around the assumption of using JPEG, making statements about “best color ever out of a Nikon camera”. Which is 100% irrelevant to raw shooters. Unless perhaps there is some metadata in the raw file that (only) Nikon Capture NX can use—maybe—since camera JPEGs never matched Capture NX JPEGs in the past.

Such discussion IMO are half truths because no raw shooter gets any benefit. Moreover the entire question of *better color* is sidestepped and never answered. Better color IMO means that the ability of the sensor+electronics to discriminate nuances of color, that is, what one paid for in medium format all these years. THAT question is conveniently ignored and never touched upon.

IMO, PR discussions (and user manuals) that avoid saying “JPEG only” are not intended to mislead but are intended to avoid mentioning a core and critical limitation.


Lindsay Silverman clearly doesn’t understand all the uses for focus stacking either. Not to mention making me wince when they call the stacking feature that steps focus “focus shift”, thus damaging the abilitiy to talk about focus shift by destroying the meaning of the term. Gah!

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