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Reader Comment: Fujifilm GFX Focusing Precision and Skewed Lenses

See my Fujifilm medium format wish list.

PB writes:

Re your comments on the 45mm and focusing problems - I now have my own GFX with the 2.0 firmware, and can confirm that the autofocus is erratic. With the camera on a tripod, focusing repeatedly on the same spot will often produce inconsistent results - as indicated by the focus scale in the viewfinder. What I did was to press the shutter halfway down, release it and press again, release and press again. For instance, focusing three times on a distant hill (trees against the sky), could indicate infinity, beyond infinity and between infinity and 10 meters. Or on a close subject - 3 meters, 4 meters and 5 meters. Other times it seems to be working properly, and will focus consistently on the same distance.

I will be using the camera exclusively on a tripod with focus stacking, so I've developed a routine where I focus manually by numbers - like infinity - 10 meters - 5 meters, and so on, as many shots as required. This seems to work OK.

At present I don't have a lens, I have returned two copies of the 32-64 because of blurry edges, mostly on the right side, and particularly at around 50mm. Fujifilm has offered to send the last copy to England for calibration, but I'm not holding my breath.

I have spent a lot of time reading reviews of this lens and looking at images, and the right side blur seems to be very common. Ironically, a couple of reviewers who were very enthusiastic about the lens, posted images with a very obvious blur on the right hand side. I guess that kind of explains how Fujifilm can get away with selling lenses that should never have left the factory.

Most likely, I'll end up with a 45 and a 63 instead of the zoom - I have tried the 63 - it was excellent, and it looks like the 45 is pretty good too. Too bad that there isn't a 30 or 35, maybe in 2019.

DIGLLOYD: these statements mirror in all ways the issues I found and documented in my extensive review of the Fujifilm GFX system. I concur that Fujifilm has not solved focusing issues with firmware version 2.00.

That said, it seems I got lucky with the Fujifilm GF 45mm f/2.8: it is the first lens of all of them which has no obvious skew (it has a mild left/right skew, but that is all but unavoidable).

Fujifilm GFX

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