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40 megapixels, monochrome sensor, minimalist controls.

Reader Comment: “Glad to hear you are back in the thick of things”

James K writes:

You must be fully recovered from your recent crashes if you are carrying the Otus 28mmm in the field.

...Glad to hear you are back in the thick of things. You will have lots of work to do this fall.

DIGLLOYD: I make a point of NOT carrying the Otus 28 very far—it’s just too bulky and heavy. So sad that Zeiss targets video only now, with huge and heavy lenses when f/2 would do great with superior performance and are more field usability.

For the past few days, I’m feeling great again! I rode 81 miles /3000 calories yesterday and felt great, stronger at the end than when I started, based on years of experience a sure sign that my body is working again and ready to accept severe training loads (I’d ride 3+ hours day ~2200 calories @ ~208 watts if time allowed). Still, my strength has returned only in the past week or so. The turnaround started in mid June, after an assault by back to back antibiotics back in late March and mid April. The cure of antibiotics was worse than the disease (UTI and then prostatis).

For UTI and prostatitis I have learned something: try to pee it out first—it worked for me after the Eastern Sierra Double, which I completed in record-slow time (for me). But I missed 5 other double centuries this year—too weak even for my baseline training rides.

I advise extreme prejudice against antibiotic use unless absolutely necessary. Aside from destroying the gut microbiome (the “2nd brain”), antibiotics can affect muscles and tendons and nerves and just about everything.

I must be sensitive to antibiotics: Metronidazole was my first really bad experience, causing peripheral neuropathy that took two years to recover from. This go-round, I had physical and cognitive effects that hit me hard in April/May both physically and cognitively. The brain part gave me some deja vu with respect to my 2018 concussion along with ADD* for a few weeks (worse than after my concussion!), with one scary day of a severe inability to concentrate that I have never before experienced. I hope to not have to take antibiotics ever again. For myself, I consider antibiotics the most dangerous types of drugs out there in commonplace usage.

* Atypical Attention Deficit Hypoactivity disorder (not "hyper").

From my Dec 30 bike crash, two root canals preceded 6 crowns to fix cracked or broken teeth. A root canal on a molar wasn’t bad, but a root canal on a front tooth is not an experience I care to repeat. For a few weeks more, I have 4 plastic temporary crowns on the four front teeth and the durable ones get installed later in July. Even the plastic onese look terrific compared to the hillbilly broken front tooth 'look'. I'm deferring the wisdom teeth extraction until 2020—I’ve had my fill of dentistry, even if expertly done! And my bank account is drained.

My gratitude to all my subscribers who have stuck with me the past 15 months. And hopefully the foregoing will spare at least one person some damage.
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