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Voigtlander 65mm f/2 Macro APO-Lanthar Aperture Series: Music Box in Miner’s Cabin

This series from f/4.5 through f/9 evaluates the Voigtlander 65mm f/2 Macro APO-Lanthar on an finely detailed subject at close range.

Sony A7R IV 4-shot pixel shift was used but failed to deliver acceptable results, with checkerboarding and crosshatching problems. But, to make lemonade out of lemons, the images shown here were specially processed with frame averaging (of the pixel shift frames), and also presented upscaled to 120 megapixels, just to show off the incredible detail that is possible.

Voigtlander 65mm f/2 Macro APO-Lanthar Aperture Series: Music Box in Miners Cabin (Sony A7R IV)

Includes images up to 120 megapixels.

The combination of extreme sharpness plus ultra low noise feels like better than medium format. Use your own eyes on the 60-megapixel native-resolution and 120 megapixel upscaled images and see what you conclude. I’m saying that not as a fact, but as a summarized visual impact , having shot the Fujifilm GFX100 extensively less than 6 weeks ago.

Music Box in Miner’s Cabin
f9 @ 2.0 sec electronic shutter frame averaging 4, ISO 100; 2019-10-07 15:04:08
Sony A7R IV + Voigtlander FE Macro APO-Lanthar 65mm f/2 Aspherical + polarizer Zeiss
ENV: mining cabin near Death Valley, altitude 6000 ft / 1829 m, 65°F / 18°C
RAW: Enhance Details, LACA corrected

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