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Upgrade the memory of your 2019 iMac up to 128GB
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Apple Pro Display XDR with Nano Texture Glass  — Here Tomorrow for Evaluation

Readers might recall how I have raved for four years now about the fantastic viewing experience of an Apple iMac 5K including stunning quality for black and white images.

Viewing pleasure/quality is of course a quite different criterion from whether it is the best display for evaluating images—it is not.

Apple Pro Display XDR

Along comes the Apple Pro Display XDR, which I speculated might be the best viewing experience for images in history. Having seen it firsthand in the Apple Store recently, my impression is that nothing I have ever seen can remotely approach what I saw on the Apple Pro Display XDR. Which places the Apple Pro Display XDR at the very top of my gear-lust list.

In a remarkable stroke of luck, B&H Photo not only had the display in stock, but B&H has generously agreed to send me the Apple Pro Display XDR with nano texture glass on loan, arriving tomorrow for evaluation.

Readers might note that I have not done very little photo work recently; that’s for various reasons but in some part it was because I wanted to fully evaluate not just the new Mac Pro but also the Apple Pro Display XDR on both Sony mirrorless and PhaseOne IQ4 images. That now begins!

If my coming evaluation of the Pro Display XDR is of value to you, please do me and B&H the favor of ordering your Pro Display XDR at B&H Photo through these links (or by phone using the numbers below), which is in stock for the nano texture glass model as I write this (vs 5 weeks lead time for Apple). The Apple Pro Stand is not in stock but it should be much more readily available and some may choose to use a VESA mount.

B&H Photo telephone which tracks to 212-465-0146 or 212-502-6262 or 877-865-7002

Apple Pro Display XDR with optional Apple Pro Stand

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