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SARS-CoV-2 aka COVID-19: Incompetent Government Aid, and a Call for Large Cash-Flush Companies to STEP UP and DIRECTLY Help Those in Need

SARS-CoV-2 is the virus; COVID-19 is the disease.
COVID-19: Public Policy MUST be Changed: Facial Coverings should ALWAYS be Worn To Protect Others
COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2): the Tide is Turning for Facial Covering / Mask Official Recommendations

The government is printing trillions (and soon trillions more) of money. This will have damaging ramifications down the line (good luck, kids!) beyond anything seen ever before in the history of the world, notwithstanding the crackpot Keynesian economic models divorced from any reality of what money represents.

Incompetent government relief

With all that money (most of which will disappear down a figurative toilet), the people who need it the most are going to get it too late for many. And not enough. And maybe not get it for months for some. After being forced to stop working*.

Has anyone gotten their relief check yet? For many, it won’t even cover the rent or mortgage. Some won’t get anything for months (change of address, tax form hitches, etc).

The working class is wondering how to buy food and pay rent in the face of a government-created Great Depression* (for them and them only). I am not arguing the merits of stay-at-home orders in some areas, but in many areas, the economic cluster bombing is far worse than the disease. The intelligence in implementation is at the level of a 10 year old, no insult to 10 year olds intended. No masks, no social distancing based on any real science, no city-wide tests of different approaches across the country, no “infection camps“ for young people at low risk to effectively vaccinate part of the population and get the country back on its feet—just a sledgehammer requiring an IQ of 30. Oh, and closing the best possible places for social distancing. You can’t make up this level of stupidity.

All while big businesses are NOT cutting CEO and management salaries, and yet raking in billions of essentially free money. Memo to top-level management and several layers below: cut your salaries and help your communities. Make sure they can pay their rent and can eat. Executives: sell your yacht or private plane or 5th vacation house and make those dollars count—you will feel GREAT, and your mirror will tell you so. And you don’t have to help everyone, just those you can reasonably reach.

* Why aren’t we talking about cutting taxes to ZERO in 2020 and retroactively in half for 2019 for anyone forced out of a job? Public employees keep getting a paycheck, and those paychecks are paid for by the private sector. Why should public employees have no economic skin in the game in this crisis? Public employee compensation should be cut commensurately with the losses in the private sector, at the least. Governor Newsom of California, how about stepping up with some real leadership, cutting public employee salaries by 1/3, and using that money to help those who have been FORCED out of jobs by YOUR policies?

Nationwide patriotic call to cash-flush companies

To all large corporations: this is the time to stand up and be counted. After all, your fortunes depend on every American.

I’ll pick on Apple first: with all its billions, and its not-made-in-America Chinese-mainland factories: take half a trillion of your company cash, and make sure that 10 million Americans who most need it each get $1000 a month (or whatever) for as long as this crisis keeps them from working. Keep those small businesses afloat whose owners put their life savings into it. Tim Cook, what do you have to say here? Face masks are helpful (kudos!), but it feels more like PR than a desire to reduce human suffering directly. I don’t want to see another $1800 iPhone this fall and another bug-infested macOS release; I want to see every Apple Store into an assistance center. NOW.

I am just fine with cutting the repatriation of cash to 0% tax and making all this fully deductible—absolutely. But only for companies that step up to the plate. NOT HANDOUTS as we are doing now.

I call upon all companies flush with cash, especially companies like Apple/Google/Facebook/etc, to DIRECTLY help those in need. Set up programs in 10000 communities and help the worst-off Americans**. The gratitude and goodwill will more than pay for itself for generations.

The math: 500 billion dollars will help 10 million Americans @ $1000/month for 50 months. At the least, people can eat. I leave the details and amounts to smarter people than me.

* The public health “experts” in government made this crisis much worse by insisting that human to human transmission was dubious and that masks don’t do anything for the public and with idiotic ideas like 6-foot distancing being enough. In professional disciplines (law, medicine, etc) penalties apply for malpractice, and they should be applied harshly here. They MUST be held to account for their actions led to mass death and suffering. Irrational anti-science policies based on assumptions have no place in forming prudent public policy. Now the heavy hand of The State comes down to ruin life for much of the country. It did NOT have to play out this way.

** I’m hurting too, rapidly drawing down my very modest savings. But I am not asking for help because I know that so many people do not have savings at all! (well, I would like my taxes cut to 0% for this year). And I think that most Americans want to work and would find tax relief until all lost earnings are made up for to be a fair way to go about it. For example, my daughters are not allowed to work, and they are getting NOTHING from the government. Young lives set back, as I am sure is true of millions of other young people. Let them earn and keeep the money they earn until every last dollar they lost is regained—ZERO taxes of any kind until that is achieved. Meanwhile, the human scum in Congress works on adding pork to relief bills.

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