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Going, going, almost gone: NEC PA243W Wide Gamut Pro Display with Eye-Friendly Ultra-Low Pixel Density

re: NEC PA302W

Displays with eye-friendly pixel density for evaluating images are going, going, almost gone.

To understand the utility of a display that is not 4K or 5K, see:

Plan ahead and make your life easier before you cannot find them any more. Even large 4K displays like the 31-inch PA311D-BK-SV are pushing 149 ppi. That’s pushing the limits of pixel density for image evaluation, though it is viable, just.

Displays like the iMac 5K are 220 ppi, making it difficult to evaluate image sharpness subtleties, evaluate how much sharpening, etc.

NEC PA243W discontinued and discounted

Full specs on NEC PA243W

At an eye-friendly 93 ppi (pixels per inch) the NEC PA243W is an ideal display for evaluating image sharpness. Yes, I prefer the much larger 31-inch NEC PA302W (110 ppi), but that one is long discontinued. Ditto for the NEC PA272W.

The excellent gamut and professional color calibration of the NEC PA243W seal the deal. Grab one before these discontinued PA243W disappear.

IMPORTANT: unless you already have the NEC color calibration stuff, get the "SV" model, which includes the SpectraView color calibration hardware and software.

Now $300 off at B&H Photo: NEC PA243W-SV 16:10 Wide Gamut IPS Monitor
See also: NEC MultiSync Screen LCD Monitor 24" (PA243W-SV) @AMAZON.

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