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Fujifilm Medium Format eg Fujifilm GFX100S: What’s Missing in Lenses

The Fujifilm medium format lens lineup is pretty good. There are some standout lenses and all of them can deliver solid images, though some have serious focus shift problems (like the GF32-64mm).

What’s still missing after five years (!) is a 3rd-party building high performance manual focus lenses. Meaning Zeiss or Voigtlander. I doubt that Zeiss will enter the market, as their minimum R&D expenditure for a new lens cannot be justified by the market volume.

That leaves Voigtlander, with many high-quality lenses for Leica M and Sony mirrorless and soon for Nikon mirrorless also (50/2 APO and 35/2 APO).

I’d love to see are a few top-notch primes from Voigtlander in Fujifilm GF mount utilizing the same high-grade build as with their lenses for Sony. And I’d hope they eschew high-speed lens designs (at least at first) in favor of very high performance, something like:

  • Rectilinear fisheye (can't even get this on 35mm format!)
  • 15m f/5.6 (12mm equiv)
  • 21mm f/4.5 (17mm equiv)
  • 30mm f/4 (25mm equiv)
  • 42mm f/4 (35mm equiv)
  • 85mm f/3.5 (70mm equiv)

For now, you’d be hard pressed to build a better kit than what is shown below. As yet, I have only the camera and 35-70mm zoom and charger and batteries and L-plate. The rest is a budgetary matter, with my priority being the 23mm, 250mm, 110mm, in that order.

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