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2024-03-03 01:59:10
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Interview with Michael Erlewine re Medium Format, Sony Mirrorless, Nikon Mirrorless, Diffraction, Focus Stacking, Best Lenses

re: videos by Lloyd
re: interviews by Lloyd

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Michael Erlewine had some questions about medium format.

About Michael, Daily Blog:,,
Nature Photography:,
Matrix Software, All-Music Guide (, All-Movie Guide (, All-Game Guide,, Heart Center Recording Studios, Astrology Dialogs (,

Spoiler: Michael has decided to get a Hasselblad X2D, a decision I agree with, and he is selling a few dozen excellent lenses to fund that. Contact me if you are interested in his lens list, and I will forward your email to him.

CLICK TO VIEW: Hasselblad X2D 100C and Lenses

CLICK TO VIEW: CFExpress Type B camera cards

The interview

You be the judge... but I found the video more interesting than I expected; I generally prefer audio-only so I can listen while I walk or do yard work or whatever.

This is something new for me. Let me know what you think and I’ll post your comments here.

We were cut off 37 minutes into the video by Zoom. Apparently I can fix that by paying Zoom for anon-free account and using the desktop version. But that is a non-starter: Zoom’s long history of security violations (some not fixed until 15 months ago), and lying about them makes it unacceptable to install it on my computer—too risky.

My face shows up a minute or so into the video (first time I’ve done such a thing and it comes after some hours of technical failures).

Note: I blink a lot and I know that... can't do anything about it—contact lenses + irritated eyes.


Audio track (M4A, 36MB)

Or, view it on YouTube. Discussion of medium format starts around 02:00.

Michael K writes:

I thought the interview was quite interesting, shame it got cut off at the end.

BUT why did he choose Hasselblad X2D? Probably the most interesting question, "what did he choose and why" did not get answered - which was a real shame.

The rest of the topics were interesting but entertainment - the choice decision what/why was the valuable part.

DIGLLOYD: good topic for a followup.

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