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LG31MU97 4K Display
LG calibration software menu

The built-in display profile “31MU97” was used for general evaluation, which unfortunately totally kills the reds in images like this (red ripe strawberries, deep orange tones, mango). It appears to be an sRGB profile and there is only one profile listed. It is essential to calibrate and profile properly, but this was not possible due to software issues as noted here.

The calibration software insists on installing an item in the menu bar—no choice given, no preference to disable. Mousing over this annoying menu, a little popup window *always* appears, reading “True Color Pro”. An obnoxious behavior in prime menu bar real estate. Perhaps there is an option to disable it, but with the main window non-operational (see below), it could not be done.

The supplied USB cable was used to connect the display to the 2013 Mac Pro. Swapping ports did not eliminate the warning. It appears that the software does not work on OS X Yosemite.

Probably because of the USB error, the software refused to operate; the calibration window was completely non-operational; no controls of any kind worked.

LG calibration software USB cable error dialog

The main window is a very strange beast: it floats around on its own, lacking its own menu bar. It also insists on recentering itself no matter where dragged.

LG calibration software window


Uninstallation requires the use of Terminal (command line).

lloyds-Mac-Pro:DIGLLOYD lloyd$ sudo /Library/TrueColorPro/unInstall 
True Color Pro uninstalling..................
Removing application directories..................
Removing application libraries..................
Removing login items............................

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