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DSLR medium format 39MP @ 7264x5440

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2015-07-29 Medium Format for $3999: Pentax 645D


2014-04-17 Pentax 645D Images Updated to UltraHD, Large Crops

2014-04-17 Pentax 645D + Pentax-D FA 55mm f/2.8 AL[IF] SDM AW (in anticipation of the Pentax 645z)


2013-04-27 Reader Comment: 40MP Pentax 645D vs 36MP Nikon D800

2013-03-11 Pentax 645D Rebate


2011-03-07 Pentax 645D + Pentax FA 35mm f/3.5

2011-02-04 Examples with Pentax 645D with Pentax-FA 400mm f/5.6 ED IF

2011-02-01 Pentax 645D + Pentax-A 55mm f/2.8

2011-02-01 Pentax 645D + Pentax SMC 67 45mm f/4

2011-02-01 Pentax 645D + Pentax FA 400mm f/5.6 ED IF

2011-01-21 Focusing the Pentax 645D with the Zeiss 3X loupe

2011-01-16 Pentax 645D lens tests

2011-01-15 More Pentax 645D lens tests coming

2011-01-06 Pentax 645D with Pentax-A 120mm f/4 — super!

2011-01-05 Focusing the Pentax 645D with camera focus assist

2011-01-04 Pentax 645D with Pentax-A 120mm f/4

2011-01-02 Reader comments on Pentax 645D review

2011-01-01 Pentax SMC FA 45-85mm f/4.5 on Pentax 645D

2011-01-01 Pentax 645D examples with 45mm f/2.8 and SMC FA 45-85mm f/4.5


2010-12-30 Pentax-A 200mm f/4 and 45mm f/2.8 on Pentax 645D

2010-12-29 Pentax 45mm, 45-85mm, 200mm lenses on Pentax 645D

2010-12-22 The Pentax 645D — go get one

2010-12-21 Pentax 645D review updates

2010-12-20 Pentax 645D review updated with more examples, conclusions

2010-12-19 Rain, rain go away

2010-12-19 Pentax 55mm f/2.8 for Pentax 645D != 40MP images

2010-12-18 Pentax-A 75mm f/2.8 lens test

2010-12-18 Pentax 645D compared to Canon 5D Mark II

2010-12-17 Pentax 645D review updated

2010-12-16 Pentax 645D review and examples

2010-12-15 Pentax 645D 40-megapixel testing in progress

2010-12-10 Second brand-new sample of Pentax-D FA 55mm f/2.8 has same hazing and scratch-like marks

2010-12-08 Pentax 645D 40 megapixel medium format camera coming soon

2010-09-20 Items of note at Photokina

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