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2024-05-07 When Can We Expect a Fujifilm GFX180 and Fujifilm GFX250?

2024-05-04 Where Does Fujifilm Go From Here with the GFX System? + Reader Comments

2024-03-03 Best Configuration for Evaluating ETTR Captures on Fujifilm Medium Format?

2024-03-02 Fujifilm GFX100S: ETTR at ISO 100/50, Histograms and More (Birches in Winter + Color Card)

2024-02-25 Sony A7R V: Perfect ETTR at ISO 50/100 using Zebra Display

2024-02-24 ETTR, Camera Histograms vs RAW Histograms, ISO 100 vs ISO "Lo"

2024-02-23 Case Study: Sony A7R V: Metering, Dynamic Range, ETTR/ESTR, Camera Histograms, ETTR (Color Card)

2024-02-21 Case Study: Sony A7R V: Metering, Dynamic Range, ETTR/ESTR, Camera Histograms, ETTR (Birch Trees)

2024-02-21 Sony Please Fix: Metering Throws Away as Much as 2.33 Stops of Dynamic Range

2024-02-13 Please fix this Nikon/Sony/Fujifilm: Pixel Shift Assembly Should Generate Finished Images, not Make-Work for Us


2023-11-13 Fujfilm Incompetence: Focus BKT Dumpster Fire, 5+ Years and Running

2023-11-03 Message to Fujifilm: a Trivial Fix for Focus BKT Failure to Reach INF with GFX100 II/100S/100

2023-08-16 Fujifilm GFX100S: Focus BKT Feature Shows 90% Failure Rate with Fujifilm GF 20-35mm f/4 and 35-70mm too

2023-07-31 Fujifilm GFX100S Focus Bracketing: Fails to Reach INF Focus

2023-07-12 Focus Stepping for Focus Stacking (FOCUS BKT, “focus shift”): Engineering Dumpster Fire from Sony and Fujifilm

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