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Reader Comments on Ricoh GR and More

Herb S writes:

After a year working with the Sony NEX 5n and a Novoflex adapted Leica Super Elmar 18 mm I was wondering what your camera of the year, the Ricoh GR in it's latest incarnation, could do.

To be short this Ricoh GR is fabulous; in operation and handling and in file quality improving on my old combo. And of equal importance, the DNG files import straight into Lightroom / Photoshop with default settings already close to spot on.
A complete other story than the suffering with for instance the Sigma software for my DP2 Merrill and also the adjustments required for the NEX files for shading and colour.

The Ricoh GR has the best balance of qualities of all digital camera's I have used, and that includes several Canon DSLRs, Sigma DP2 Merrill, Fuji XE-1, Sony NEX 5n and NEX 7 and the Sony RX-1.

If there would be Ricoh GR 50 mm and 90 mm equivalents, they would cover 90% of my work. That this camera is a joy to handle and carry and costs next to nothing compared to the other gear is a miracle.

Working with the Ricoh, the Sigma and the Sony RX-1 convinced me that the camera's that will produce the best files now and in the future are fixed lens / sensor combinations. I believe highly respected companies like Zeiss, Leica and Novoflex are already working at the limits for consumer equipment. With little effort the limits can be shown in the files. Files that can be improved upon at a fraction of the costs
by a Ricoh GR concept.

Thank you for still making the best equipment blog on the Net.

DIGLLOYD: Absolutely! I named the Ricoh GR camera of the year for good reason. See The Perfect Camera for the 80% Case as well as a lot of recent work on mirrorless cameras.

Ricoh GR

Dale P writes:

I am a subscriber who took your advice and bought a GR. Wow. Phenomenal images and functionality of camera.

What camera would offer similar functionality/image quality in 45-50mm lens category?

I could see carrying two cameras in my pockets: the GR and the "APS-C 45/50mm cameras as my touring duo. Does such a 45/50mm camera exist?

I have Olympus E-m5 with the Panasonic 12-35mm lens…..but its images just are not in the same league as the GR.

DIGLLOYD: It’s a pity that Ricoh does not offer other focal lengths in the Ricoh GR body (21mm, 45mm, 75mm would be rather nice). I’ve suggested this directly to their marketing folks, but it probably has to be heard from some higher up somewhere.

There is no 45/50mm camera that does everything as well as the Ricoh GR does. I like the Sigma DP2 Merrill for its image quality as I’ve noted many times, but it’s not at all the same experience as the GR.

The next closest thing would be the Sony RX1R with EVF, but 35mm is fairly close to 28mm and the RX1R is notably larger and heavier and far more expensive.

The new Olympus E-M1 with the Panasonic Leica 25mm f/1.4 (50mm equiv) should make a fine combination, but it’s a lot larger and heavier than the Ricoh GR.

The Sony RX100 II is a very nice little cameras with very appealing images, but its true sharpness is way off its nominal 20 megapixel mark.

John N writes:

I am trying to find the ultimate travel camera, and you may be able to assist me in this quest.

I am currently using a very heavy Nikon D200 with an 18 to 200, f3.5 lens. which I purchased several years ago as a ‘temporary’ camera as Nikon was to soon release their new small full frame camera, ie the D800e,... a long wait.

I will purchase a D800e and possibly a 24 to 70 lens, but I am on a weight saving drive at the moment and a simple high quality light weight full frame camera, with a lens about 18 to 100 would be great.

I have an Acratech ball/pano head kit, and a sherpa pro carbon tripod, as I like to shoot panos (when and where possible). I usually shoot in ‘aperture priority’, except with panos when I use ‘manual’. I shoot in RAW and processing is done in Lightroom/Photoshop as required.

DIGLLOYD: it’s a tough question to answer at present, at least if the question is “very high quality”.The three Sigma DP Merrill cameras would cover the range well and be lightweight while sharing batteries, etc. The Fujifilm X-E1 with the 18-55 mm zoom would serve fairly well also. A new full-frame Sony NEX is not far off though, so I’d wait until October to see what develops.

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