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Nikon D810: Chroma Noise Reduction Study from ISO 1600 to 12800

Get Nikon D810 at B&H Photo.

Thanks to reader Sebastian B for suggesting this topic.

This study of chroma (color) noise is instructive and of excellent practical use for anyone shooting at high ISO (any camera).

In my review of the Nikon D810:

Chroma Noise Reduction ISO 3200 to 12800 (Otus Fruit)

Included are large RGB crops along with the red/green/blue color channels, gray gamma 2.2 as well as further revealing analysis of what chroma noise reduction does, using the L/a/b channels of Lab color mode.

The Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) setting used is also shown.

Chroma noise reduction at ISO 12800, Nikon D810

Dr. S writes:

Your study/article of chroma noise reduction in the D810 is superb and so darn helpful. In the past I have dealt mostly with luminance reduction to remove noise but your images tell a different story, one that will change the way I process nearly all files.... and, BTW, your sharpening levels are higher than I would use....but not any more. My ways will change!

For those who would comment and be proud to proclaim they wouldn't pay for info on a blog..I say.......%^&%^! This one article is worth 2 years of admission!... but don't let my comment go to your head -:)

DIGLLOYD: I learned from it myself. Thanks are due to reader Sebastian B for suggesting this topic. And I will let it go to my head this way: to keep seeking out useful things to write about for my readers. :)

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