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Update on Sigma Photo Pro and Sigma dp2 Quattro

Back in July, my review of the Sigma dp2 Quattro discussed the disgruntling problems with the Sigma dp2 Quattro and the SPP software. I spent (wasted) enormous amounts of time dealing with the issues.

Luminous Landscape weighs in on the Sigma dp2 Quattro in Sigma DP2 Quattro Review: Not Ready for Prime Time. The review echoes many of the same issues, but in truth there are so many problems with the product (camera + software), that no review can do justice to the extent of it.

Sigma Photo Pro 6.0.6

Sigma Photo Pro version 6.0.6 is out (for Sigma DP Merrill and Sigma dp Quattro cameras). Discussion that follows is of the OS X version, but reports from Windows users indicate that issues are not confined to the Mac.

The norm (Sigma Photo Pro 6.0.6)

Sigma Photo Pro 6.0.6 is finally usable on my Mac Pro: through version 6.0.5, opening an edit window resulted in a window somewhere offscreen (whether single or dual displays). I did have to trash the SPP preferences to get SPP 6.0.6 to function properly:
rm ~/Library/Preferences/SPhotoPro.xml

But that is only one of a laundry list of bugs and badly implemented algorithms and workflow choices and failure to cache and severe performance problems and so on ad nauseum. Some bugs have been fixed. But I didn’t consider it ready for prime time back in July or now in September.

One of many crash or crash-like bugs
Sigma Photo Pro 6.0.6

The fact that in 2014 SPP remains a 32-bit app speaks volumes. And that the developers see fit to leave developer hooks in the official binary is unbelievable (see screen shot at right, I reported this months ago also).

This default window fairly represents the inattention to detail in every aspect of the product. A spell check would be useful, e.g., “temperture”, and also menu item titling inconsistency. It’s all part and parcel of sloppy execution, tip of the iceberg.

But here’s the bottom line even if SPP works (until it crashes which it always does): a common task that would take 30 seconds in Photoshop takes 30 minutes in SPP.

Durable and fast, up to 1800MB/s

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