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mirrorless APS C 19MP @ 5424x3616

See also: Sigma true-color, true-color sensor
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Sigma dp2 Quattro @ about $975 save $125 = 11% off

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Blog posts, reverse chronological


2014-09-07 Update on Sigma Photo Pro and Sigma dp2 Quattro

2014-08-06 Sigma dp2 Quattro vs Sigma DP2 Merrill (Fruit Platter)

2014-07-18 Nikon D810, Sigma 50/1.4, Pentax 645Z, Sigma dp2 Quattro

2014-07-14 Sigma Photo Pro Color Management: Does Not Exist

2014-07-11 Definitive Shootout: Sigma dp2 Quattro vs Sigma DP2 Merrill (Decorated Bike)

2014-07-07 Sigma dp2 Quattro Aperture Series 'Transit Bus'

2014-07-06 Sigma dp2 Quattro: Lens Hood and Lens Flare

2014-07-06 Sharpness Fans, Your Ship Has Come In: Sigma dp2 Quattro Aperture Series 'Mosaic'

2014-07-02 Sigma dp2 Quattro “Try Before you Buy”

2014-07-01 Sigma dp2 Quattro vs DP2 Merrill: Size and Weight with Mounting Plate, Grip

2014-07-01 Shootout: Sigma dp2 Quattro vs Canon 5D Mark III (Dolls)

2014-06-30 Sigma dp2 Quattro: Portraits

2014-06-30 Definitive Shootout: Sigma dp2 Quattro vs Sigma DP2 Merrill (Dolls)

2014-06-29 Sigma dp2 Quattro: Comparison Coming

2014-06-28 Sigma dp2 Quattro: Huge Step Up From Sigma DP Merrill, and More

2014-06-28 Sigma Photo Pro: Alters X3F Files so that SPP v5 Cannot Use Them

2014-06-27 Sigma dp2 Quattro: Review Starts Tomorrow

2014-06-23 Sigma dp2 Quattro Arrives Soon for Testing

2014-02-10 Sigma dp2 Quattro as Monochrome Camera?

2014-02-10 Sigma dp2 Quattro

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