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Sony A7R IV vs Lens Quality Control (all brands), Actual Increase in Resolution over the Sony A7R III

After working from 4 AM to 7 PM (with a 1-hour break for a vigorous mountain bike ride), I was getting bored and f'ing annoyed today dealing with lenses having ridiculous lens skew. Zooms suck—good at one end, and blur at the other, or in the middle or vice versa. What a clusterf*k of manure-grade quality control. Well, I’ll show some of the manure soon. The Sony A7R IV doesn’t let a lens get away with anything.

Sony A7R IV

And (coming soon) it is really hard to actually get more detail out of the Sony A7R IV than the Sony A7R III even with the best lenses. It’s more about oversampling for better total quality for any fixed reproduction size. Today I was hard pressed to persuade myself with the best lens I’ve tested so far that the A7R IV does more than add a smidgen more detail, at least using 4-shot pixel shift mode (which is definitely a factor in that statement). A let-down really. And... Sony’s 16-shot pixel shit is all but worthless and generally worse than 4-shot—no joke, or rather the reverse, the joke is on you at 2GB per image (16 X 123MB = 1.968GB per WTF-uncompressed image).

I’m getting pissed off at the huge space requirements of the Sony A7R IV, which are needlessly double that which is demonstrably needed with just trivial engineering.

There is Good Stuff that 'real' cameras could do

What is a real camera? Seems like it increasingly is an iPhone, in the sense of computational photography.

Sony has seemingly not heard of computational photography yet. I know that the engineers at the various camera companies are way smarter than me—and blind as moles as to what needs to be done.

Nikon has a dim glimmer. Canon and Fujifilm... nope. Panasonic has one clue at least with Multi-Shot High-Res mode.

Indeed, Apple is at the forefront of computational photography (Night Mode being just one of many variants of computational photography already in iPhone), with most all “real” camera vendors sitting with their thumbs up their backsides. All these camera vendors are gonna go bust from their own lack of imagination, and they deserve to when those who might have bought a Sony A7R IV are looking to the iPhone 11 Pro. Do any of these camera vendors realize how deep in the one-holer outhouse they are unless they climb out and get their acts together yesterday?

Where is my focus stacking support Sony? What a glaring omission, because automated focus stepping for focus stacking is the most important thing to be done to make use of the A7R IV resolution for anything needing depth of field commensurate with the pixel density.

All of which is not to say I’d want to stick with the A7R III—there are many good improvements in the Sony A7R IV. Heck the EVF alone is worth upgrading for, for me at least. And the buttons are way better.

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