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2024-03-02 16:09:34
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Nikon Brings Pixel Shift to Nikon Z8 with Firmware v2.00

re: pixel shift

Nikon Z8
Nikon Z8

Wow, I just borrowed from B&H Photo the Nikon Zf arriving tomorrow because I wanted to test Nikon’s pixel shift.

But today Nikon issued a firmware update for the Nikon Z8... so I need to get ahold of it too/instead. Nikon Z8 firmware update v2.00...

The depth and breadth of Nikon’s firmware update is impressive—see the entire list of features. If only Sony and Fujifilm would be so customer-centric.

Now if Nikon would only add frame averaging.

The Nikon Z7 II and Nikon Z7 do not have an update with pixel shift, at least not yet. Possibly, the IBIS system in those cameras not up to the task. The Nikon Z9 may come but it’s not there yet.

Presumably, PixelShift2DNG should support Nikon pixel shift so you don't have to use the crappy Nikon NX software. But it could be that, like Sony, there are benefits to the otherwise crappy software. TBD.

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Changes from “C” Firmware Version 1.01 to 2.00

  • Added [Pixel shift shooting] to the photo shooting menu.
  • Added new picture controls.
  • Added [Birds] to [AF subject detection options] in the photo shooting menu.
  • The maximum shooting display zoom ratio is now 400%.
  • Added [Auto capture] to the photo shooting menu. Users can select capture criteria from [Motion] (the direction the subject is moving), [Distance] (how far the subject is from the camera), and [Subject detection] (whether or not a subject of a given type is detected), and the camera will take photographs automatically while it detects subjects that meet the selected criteria. Note that [Distance] is available with NIKKOR Z lenses and may not function as expected when used with other lenses. The [FX (36×24)] and [DX (24×16)] image areas are available with auto capture.
  • The length of time the camera will continue to buffer frames before cancelling shooting during the Pre-Release Capture phase of high-speed frame capture + has been increased from 30 to 300 seconds.
  • Added [Large] to the size options available for [Secondary slot function] > [JPEG primary - JPEG secondary] in the photo shooting menu.
  • Added new bracketing increments for use during auto bracketing with [AE & flash bracketing], [AE bracketing], or [Flash bracketing] selected for [Auto bracketing set]. This change also applies to [Interval timer shooting] > [Options] > [AE bracketing] > [Increment].
  • <many more additions>
  • ...

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