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2024-03-03 02:50:13
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Please FIX this Nikon: Multiple Exposure Mode is JPG Only — Save as RAW/NEF for Frame Averaging + Shoot as Fast as Possible

re: pixel shift and multi-shot high-res mode
re: Nikon Z8
re: botched design

I got all excited whenI saw Multiple Exposure mode on the Nikon Zf.

But there are multiple issues with it, including one fundamentally baffling one:

  • Even if capturing RAW/NEF files, the final output is a JPG file. What?!
  • Excessive delay between shots (1/2 second?) from a camera that can shoot 13 or 14 frames a second in RAW.
  • Use of mechanical shutter can cause small vibrations between frames.

The Nikon D850 could/can average RAW/NEF files in camera. It was manual and tedious, but it can be done. The Nikon mirrorless cameras stripped that RAW support out. Why?

Yes, you can save the RAW files on the Zf and Z8, and that’s something if you want to do frame averaging. But the captures are terribly slow (2 fps minimum)—much slower than doing it manually on Sony with a remote (as fast as you can press button).

So... a double fail—speed matters for frame averaging due to changing light or subject matter.

So the Z8/Zf do everything right for frame averaging... except the important stuff. Which are technically trivial to accomplish.

Michael B writes:

One or more of the camera manufacturers should hire your ass and get this shit out the door, I’m referring to frame averaging and the other as you call it “low hanging fruit “ One would think a company out of Sweden would get on it. What the hell !

DIGLLOYD: I'm game.

You couldn’t buy better product feedback IMO. My blog is "free money" for all camera vendors to read at will. It makes me wonder whether they read it all all. Over so many years, I am forced to conclude that no one who makes decisions reads it. Instead they all just walk right on buy the shiny gold coins lying there in the street. Weird.

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Nikon Zf

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