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2016-05-31 The Future of Image Quality is Fixed-Lens Cameras


2014-08-18 Back from Trip

2014-08-10 Nikon D810 Highlight Priority Metering, Pentax 645Z notes, Leica T

2014-08-06 Low T on Leica T

2014-07-31 Leica T System on the way

2014-04-24 Leica T System: Quick Comments

2014-04-24 Leica T System vs Sony A7/A7R for those M Lenses

2014-03-29 Leica 16-18-21mm f/4 Tri-Elmar-M ASPH Aperture Series: Poppies and Pots (Sony A7R)


2013-09-14 SHOOTOUT: Leica X Vario vs Ricoh GR (Brick Building)

2013-09-13 What Every Leica X Vario User Should Know About Autofocus and Manual Focus

2013-09-13 SHOOTOUT: Leica X Vario vs Sigma DP3 Merrill (Green Machine, Frontal View)

2013-09-13 Leica X Vario: Lens Performance

2013-09-10 SHOOTOUT: Leica X Vario vs Sigma DP3 Merrill (Moots Ride to Green Machine)

2013-09-08 Leica X Vario with Handgrip: Really Right Stuff B9 Plate is Ideal, Versatile

2013-09-04 Leica X Vario: First Look At Image Quality (Pine Creek Waterfalls Aperture Series)

2013-09-04 Leica X Vario: Dynamic Range Outdoors

2013-09-04 Leica X Vario: Color vs Black and White

2013-09-04 Leica X Vario: Aperture Series at 28mm (Brick Building on Summit)

2013-09-03 Leica X Vario: Field Notes and Usability

2013-08-13 How Will Leica X Vario Lens Compare to the Ricoh GR, Sony RX1, Sigma DP Merrill?

2013-08-08 Gear Coming For Review

2013-08-05 Which Camera for the Backcountry? Sony RX1, X100, Ricoh GR, Sigma DP Merrill, Leica X Vario?

2013-06-11 Leica X Vario: Fixed f/3.5 - f/6.4 Lens on APS-C, no EVF


2012-06-13 Leica X2: ISO Series with DNG (RAW) vs JPEG

2012-06-13 Leica X2: DNG vs JPEG (Downed Tree)

2012-06-13 Leica X2: Aperture Series with RAW (DNG) vs JPEG

2012-06-12 Leica X2 Initial Impressions

2012-06-07 On The Way: Olympus OM-D EM-5 and Leica X2

2012-01-01 Sony NEX-7 More Leica than Leica? Continued.


2011-12-29 Is Capturing the Moment with Sony NEX-7 More Leica than Leica?


2010-07-10 Leica X1 pocketable camera with DSLR quality

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