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How To Banish Blur Whether Handheld or Tripod

Using your camera’s mirror lockup, self timer, and Live View features..

Canon EOS 1D X

18 megapixel big black brick, Canon’s top of the line DSLR..

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

22 megapixel successor to the popular 5D Mark II..

Canon EOS 5DS / 5DS R

50 megapixel successor to the 22 megapixel Canon 5D Mark III..

Pentax K-3 (APS-C)

23-megapixel APS-C DSLR with an unusual feature set..

Usability and Convenience, Minimizing Errors

Intuitive operation that mitigates errors..

Software issues.

[ARCHIVE] Software and related for photographers..

Infrared Cameras Compared

Infrared Cameras Compared: Fuji S3 Pro UVIR, Nikon D70-IR, Canon EOS 5D-IR ..

Nikon D200 vs D2x

Vintage 2006 comparative review of Nikon D200 vs Nikon D2x..

Menus and Button Setup

How to configure the camera for serious shooting..

Fujifilm Finepix X100

The best compact big-sensor digital camera yet?.

Nikon Coolpix A

Fixed 28mm lens with APS-C sensor free of anti-aliasing blur with wonderful color..

Ricoh GR

Razor sharp 28mm lens on APS-C sensor and outstanding usability and features..

Sony Cybershot DSC-RX1 / RX1R

Full frame camera in an ultra-compact body with or without anti-aliasing filter..

Olympus OM-D E-M1

A worthy upddate to the E-M5 with pro-grade build quality..

Olympus OM-D E-M5

Superb ergonomic design in a compact camera..

Fujifilm X-E1

Compact sibling of the Fujifilm X-Pro1.

Fujifilm X-Pro2

Fujifilm's 24MP APS-C offering..

Sony NEX-7 and NEX-5N

24 or 16 megapixels in a compact body with APS-C sensor..

Leica X2

Leica’s large-sensor 'affordable' compact camera..

Overview of Sigma Foveon Sensor cameras

Foveon X3 true-color sensor for outstanding resolution..

Blog posts, reverse chronological


2021-05-15 Sony A1 Loaner Returned, Will Buy One When I Can... but I miss its oustanding usability already

2021-05-10 Fujifilm GFX100S vs Sony A1: thoughts on Enjoyment, Hit Rate, Image Success + Reader Viewpoints


2020-06-12 Hassleblad or Hasselbad: Hasselblad X1D II Usability Issues and Bugs (updated with more reader comments)

2020-01-11 Phase One Capture One 20: Serious Pain Points for Organizing Large Shoots (Updated with Reader Comments)


2019-12-10 Reader Comment: Phase One IQ4

2019-11-24 Reader Comments: Whither Nikon?

2019-07-23 Fujifilm GFX100 and Lenses Firmware Updated, Software Engineering by Fujifilm Needs More Attention to Detail, Usability

2019-02-05 Reader Comment: Street Photography Camera


2017-11-23 Thoughts on Field Shooting the Nikon D850, even though Nikon Degraded D850 Operability vs D810 + Nikon D850 vs Sony Mirrorless Usability

2017-07-02 REVIEWED: Leica M10

2017-05-24 Sony A9 Arriving

2017-02-09 Hasselblad X1D REVIEWED: Operational Usability, EVF, Flash Support, etc


2016-03-28 Fujifilm X-Pro2: Usability of In-Camera RAW-to-JPEG Feature

2016-02-19 Reader Comment: Sony A7R II in Extreme Cold


2015-02-11 Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Hyper Zoom


2013-12-05 Sony A7R: the Kitchen Sink Menu System Design Paradigm is Alive and Well

2013-09-24 The Perfect Camera for the 80% Case

2013-09-03 Leica X Vario: Field Notes and Usability

2013-08-04 Reader Inquiry: Small Cameras, Product Cycles, What’s Coming

2013-07-14 Leica M Typ 240 Usability

2013-07-13 Camera Usability and Image Quality: Bringing It All Together is Wonderful, but Still a Rarity (Ricoh GR)

2013-04-24 Image Quality Advances, Usability Declines

2013-04-23 Fujifilm X100S: What Happened to My Focus?

2013-04-12 Leica M Typ 240 / M240 Usability


2012-10-06 Nikon D600: Features and Usability, Value, System Cost


2011-10-29 Leica Interview: “'we don’t add features just for the sake of adding features”

2011-10-26 Reader Comments on Leica and Nikon System Usability

2011-09-17 Leica M Usability and Versatility: Reader Experience

2011-06-10 Open Letter to Leica — 10 Ways To Improve the M9 Rangefinder

2011-06-09 Reactions to the Fuji Finepix X100 Usability and Menu System

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