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Reader Asks: Optical Viewfinder for Sigma DP Merrill?

Reader John R writes:

Tell Sigma to put in a viewfinder, even a simple optical one. I'll buy all 3 models tomorrow. But until then: inconceivable.

DIGLLOYD: I’ve suggested many things to Sigma. Perhaps someday some of them will be implemented.

An electronic viewfinder (EVF) would be ideal, but Sigma does not offer one.

However, the Sigma VF-11 optical viewfinder (28mm) and Sigma VF-21 optical viewfinder (41mm) are suitable for the Sigma DP1 Merrill and Sigma DP2 Merrill.

There does not appear to be an optical viewfinder for the DP3 Merrill with its 75mm (equiv) focal length.

The viewfinders mount in the hot shoe of the camera as shown. Naturally as with any such viewfinder (as on the Leica M9), there is a parallax issue at close range, but they are reasonably accurate for framing at medium and far distance.

Any brand 28mm viewfinder ought to do for the DP1 Merrill (Zeiss, Leica, others), but the Sigma viewfinders are priced about as low as one might hope for. I used one on the original Sigma DP1 (non-Merrill) about two years ago, and it works well enough to be useful for some types of shooting.

Sigma DP Merrill with optional optical viewfinders VF-11 and VF-21

Nathaniel P writes:

Wanted to drop a line on the question of viewfinders for the DP3M: Voigtlander makes/made a Voigtlander 75mm viewfinder to accompany their (LT)M-mount 75/2.5
Heliar. Bright and compact, I'll attest.

DIGLLOYD: sounds like a match for the Sigma DP3 Merrill.

Samuel L writes:

I don't use the Sigma DP Merrill cameras myself --- just not the right tool for me, as I need to take pictures in very low light.

What I am very happy with, however, is the Ricoh GV-2 28mm optical viewfinder. I went to B&H and I tried the Sigma VF-11 and Ricoh GV-2 OVFs side-by-side. There is no comparison. The Ricoh is a little more expensive, but is so much better. The view is clearer and larger; the framelines are much more visible and the whole object is much more solid, and they are the same size. Highly recommended. Of course, up close there's significant parallax error.

I am planning to sell the EPM-1 soon, and I won't have any more need for the GV-2 viewfinder. I'd be happy to sell it for $200, with free shipping.

DIGLLOYD: There is also the Zeiss Ikon Viewfinder ZI 28mm / 25mm for ZM.

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