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Reader Comment: Pentax K1 Reactions

See my Pentax K1 wish list at B&H Photo.

Pentax K1

See also Pentax K1 Coverage.

Andrew H writes:

I’m very pleased you will be reviewing/testing the Pentax/Ricoh K-1.
Although a Canon user since early 90’s I used Pentax before that until my car was broken into and all my Pentax gear was stolen including my favorite camera I have ever owned the Pentax LX ( meter to 120 seconds why is every modern camera limited to 30 seconds I wonder).

The waiting for a Canon camera with the features of the K-1 maybe a long wait. GPS and Wifi, even the new Canon 1D X Mark II has to have a bolt on WiFi unit WTF is that all about!

I will mourn the loss of my favorite lens the Canon TS-E 90mm, but the perspective problem can be dealt with in post with some loss of quality to a degree, but tilt for in focus is irreplaceable-

I hope the K1 lives up to the on paper specs and the lenses can deliver as to me this camera covers all the tick boxes for me. I hope its a tool that one gets pleasure from using. As I’m only an amateur now ( I don’t earn any of my living from photography) I am not so bothered about being in the CaNikon camp.

One of my concerns though is servicing as I have a Canon servicing centre no more than 30 minutes drive from my home and as a registered CPS member I have been very fortunate with the servicing/repairs on the rare occasions I have needed it, unlike Sony by all accounts.

I really hope this is a big success for Pentax and the eyes are taken off Sony for a while.
You will be disappointed there is no EVF in this camera I’m sure ( I haven’t used them so I don’t really know what I’m missing) but if focus is critical and for the photography I do I will just use Live View.

I wonder if this will make Pentax popular enough that Zeiss would make some glass to fit the Pentax mount?

How well would the larger format lenses work on the 35mm K-1 regarding optical quality, in the past when people tried this sort of thing I don’t think it was that successful, don’t the lenses have to have the light path strike the sensor at specific angles to work at their best?

DIGLLOYD: Lots of decision points in choosing a camera system for sure. I see the Pentax K1 as the only camera for some users, but a special purpose tool or 2nd system for others.

As for Zeiss lenses, I have asked that very question and it comes down to market demand. If the K1 sells in volume, I’d expect to see Zeiss bring back the ZK mount option. Zeiss DSLR lenses were sold for quite some time (ZK mount) and are available on the used market. Larger format lenses designed for digital should work well. Older lenses may have reflection issues with the sensor, so it’s a try and see thing. In general, older-design larger format lenses often do not have all that great a resolving power and micro contrast for high-res digital. I think most users are much better off converting Leica R or other lenses, rather than 645 or 6X7 lenses.

Regarding tilt/shift, at least with longer focals it should be possible to use a view-camera style rig with the DSRL as a back as in Cambo X2 Pro system. However, Pentax is not currently supported. There are a Schneider 28mm, 50mm and 90mm tilt/shift lenses for Pentax; see reviews of all three Schneider PC-TS lenses in DAP.

I’m excited about the sensor shift mode SuperResolution mode of the Pentax K1, so much so that a loaner Pentax K3 II is on the way (which also has SuperRes mode), so that I can explore SuperRes mode in advance of the arrival of the K1. BTW, the Pentax K3 II at $779 is quite inexpensive for the amazing quality it can deliver in SuperResolution mode (and only $716 at Amazon).

So I intend to cover the Pentax K1 and lenses in general, with a special emphasis on the SuperRes mode also against the Nikon D810 and Canon 5DS R.

But here’s the thing: the camera market is really tough these days, which has made my business more challenging than ever. When I spend too much time on something that does not generate new subscriptions (Pentax is hardly mainstream!), it becomes a financial loss, which is intolerable, since I have a family to support and bills to pay. The Pentax 645Z review was such a loss, which is why the coverage is not extensive—it’s not financially viable to spend more than a few days on it. So I am hoping that readers out there will not only subscribe, but take advantage of the “everything” offer (login for reduced price if a subscriber).

Regarding Live View, I use the 3X Zacuto Z-Finder; it is superb. But it is one more thing to carry around, and much more awkward than an EVF.

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