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2023-09-22 17:14:03
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Fujifilm GFX100S: Horizontal White Stripes Related to PDAF?

re: pattern noise

I reported quite often on the issues with Fujifilm GFX100S (and GFX100) pattern noise that shows up in very troublesome ways when converting to black and white. But my very first finding on that problem involved blue sky and in color.

Fujifilm GFX100: Horizontal White Stripes a Problem for Numerous Images from my last trip

Fujifilm has never provided an explanation or done anything about it that I can tell, and so I will persist in periodically noting the issue and its manifestations. I can accept “it’s a camera limitation blah blah blah”. It is unacceptable to say/do nothing.

Reader Jason W writes:

This is a non-pixel shift shot on the GFX100S with the sharp 35-70 on a high contrast object.

You can see the purple/yellow lines which are the same spacing as the PDAF bands you can see in the sky.

DIGLLOYD: there is a particularly troublesome line about 1/3 up from bottom. I’d pay extra for a camera lacking the damned PDAF striping problem. PDAF speeds up AF at the cost of accuracy and image quality, which makes it a lead balloon for landscape photography.

This imaging defect is just one more argument to go to the Sony A7R V, which can outperform the Fujifilm GFX100S using Sony pixel shift and get very close in single-shot mode with the best lenses. And do so for outdoor scenes very successfully, as shown with multiple comparisons and different lenses.

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