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Nikon Z8 Pixel Shift Testing Soon

re: pixel shift and multi-shot high-res mode
re: Nikon Z8

Nikon Z8
Nikon Z8

I last tested the Nikon Z8in June 2023.

Since the firmware update bringing pixel shift to the Nikon Z8, I though it imperative to see just how good (or not so good) Nikon’s pixel shift is. Along with potential for other improvements.

On the way are:

I wanted other stuff but they are out of stock at present. If they become available in time, I’ll grab them too:

Questions, I have questions

UPDATE: Nikon does the same brain-damaged thing that Sony does: pixel shift frames are huge uncompressed RAW files, rather than lossless-compressed RAW. All this idiotic implementation accomplishes is waste huge amounts of space on the camera card and your computer. By comparison, Fujifilm does it right, saving as lossless-compressed RAW. Why is basic competence along with respect for users so damned had to come by?

Pixel shift is in general difficult to use outside a totally static lighting and static movement environment eg it’s great for studio. Outside, conditions often make it problematic.

I distinguish pixel shift from multi-shot high-res mode as on the Panasonic S1R, because ONLY Panasonic (and Olympus) does it right and does it in camera, generating a finished ready-to-use output file that deals with motion as you need it to do. Sony and Fujifilm and Nikon have 3rd rate offerings by comparison.

At thispoint, dealing with pixel shift means using Nikon Capture NX2, which no one really wants to use. And it appears that Photoshop cannot open the resulting NEFX file.

  • Does Nikon’s 4-shot or 8-shot pixel shift offer anything unsual/better than Sony and Fujifilm?
  • Nikon’s 16-shot and 32-shot pixels shift modes have any kind of motion correct, as with Sony?
  • Does Nikon Capture NX offer anything useful other than being a forced PITA that no-one wants to use, as with Sony and Fujifilm?
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