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Nikon D850: Trickle of Supply, 1 or 2 Per Dealer

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Nikon D850

I expected to have the Nikon D850 arrive on Friday September 8, assuming it ships as expected from B&H Photo on Sept 7. But it looks like only very small quantities are being received, even by B&H Photo, and I will NOT get one out of the first batch. This situation is rare but still disappoints me, given the 4 year wait for the successor to the D810.

Update: according to Thom Hogan, dealers are mostly getting a single camera or two at most, there may be another shipment to dealers mid-month, and it might take a long time to fill all outstanding orders.

Gah! Just when my peak shooting season is starting, I don’t know when I’ll get a D850. My plans have to be rejiggered.

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Ed F writes:

Just thought I'd confirm the above. I am a NPS member. I am a longtime fanboy of B&H.

However, I thought every NPS and their brother would be lining up for D850 preorders. I went a different route and pre ordered mine thru a local dealer Aug 28 and then notified NPS w/dealer and order info. On Aug 30, I also went thru the NPS re: priority purchase confirmation activity. In the end, I was notified by my dealer on Sept 6 that D850 was shipping from his store on Sept 7. All is good.. sometimes using your local guy is a better path.

DIGLLOYD: Indeed. I don’t have a local dealer any more. But B&H Photo rarely drops the ball for me (and I cannot fault them if they only got 2 or so); this is an unusual situation.

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