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Carl Zeiss Photoscope 85 T* FL spotting scope digital camera

Last updated 2010-01-21 - Send Feedback
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Carl Zeiss Photoscope 85 T* FL

The Carl Zeiss Photoscope 85 T* FL is a monocular zoom (16X - 45X), but it might appeal to anyone also interested in binoculars, particularly birders who can not only see, but photograph their elusive quarry.

Carl Zeiss has a video showing how to operate the Photoscope.

I hope to obtain one for review, since it’s such a unique item.

The Photoscope 85 is is a camera as well as a spotting scope.

Equivalent to a 600mm f/4 - 1800mm f/5.6 lens (35mm equivalent), it offers ultra long range photography.

With no mirror to cause vibration, and a remote release for the shutter, crisp images should be possible with the built-in 7 megapixel digital camera taking a standard SD card, and offering JPEG, DNG and AVI files.

At 17.25" long and 6.5 pounds, you’ll need a solid tripod and tripod head to work with it, but remember that a 600/4 camera lens by itself weighs around 10 pounds, so it’s a much lighter rig with a far longer range, capable of shots that are effectively impossible with a conventional camera.

The eye relief figure is not specified.

Carl Zeiss Photoscope 85 T* FL Features

Rigorously lab tested and OWC certified.

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