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Zeiss Touit Lens Correction on Sony NEX and Fujifilm X

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The Zeiss Touit lenses for Sony NEX and Fuji X are reviewed in depth in Guide to Mirrorless.

Zeiss Touit 12mm f/2.8 Distagon

The following applies to all native-mount lenses on Sony NEX and Fuji X, and is not particular to the Zeiss Touit lenses:

Sony NEX

For Sony NEX, camera JPEGs can correct vignetting, distortion and color fringing independently (user choice).

Sony NEX ARW raw files are unaltered by these choices (no correction in raw format). This is the Right Way to do it, kudos to Sony.

Sony NEX-7

Fuji X

For Fuji X-Pro1, X-E1, camera JPEG is always corrected with dedicated lenses, there is no choice available.

In RAW some correction is applied also: distortion is corrected, fringing is corrected , but the results are different than with JPEG.

This is the not to my liking (should at least be user-selectable). Together with oddball image artifacts and uncorrected user interface problems, Fuji X remains an unappealing system to me.

Fuiji X-Pro1

Martin S writes:

I just confirmed the behavior you describe with Fuji's own lenses - the XE-1 is definitely applying distortion correction to the raw data when the lens is identified. Taking a shot in full manual with the 18mm f/2 and then taking the same shot with the lens contacts covered by a thin piece of acetate results in one "raw" file with significant barrel distortion and one "raw" file without.

I did not see the same behavior with the 14mm f/2.8. The distortion is either not worth correcting, or is not present for subjects between 2 and 15 feet, which was the limit of my test scene. With this lens the two raw files and the two jpegs all matched precisely, almost to the pixel on a vertical doorframe and bookcase at the extremes of the frame. The shot with the contacts covered reads F/1 and reports the preset focal length (which happened to be 85mm), and won't take without "shoot without lens" enabled, so the camera is definitely fooled.

Very bad behavior on Fuji's part on one hand, but impressive performance from the 14mm on the other.

DIGLLOYD: it is certainly possible to design a low-distortion 14mm for APS-C (~21mm equivalent on full frame).


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