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Pearstone Dual Charger

Last updated 2012-01-07 - Send Feedback
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The Pearstone dual battery charger charges two batteries simultaneously, utilizing battery plates for different brands. One charger with plates for a variety of camera systems allows charging many types of batteries, even to charge two batteries from two different systems simultaneously.

I tested the Pearstone Duo Battery Charger for Canon LP-E6 with two Canon LP-E6 batteries. I liked the fact that it gave a very bright LCD readout showing capacity and voltage, though this sometimes showed 0.00% after charging a battery to full— a bit disconcerting! Still, the charging seemed to work fine along the way.

The dual charger is a good companion to the Vello BG-C2 dual-battery grip for the Canon 5D Mark II, or any system with two batteries.

The Pearstone dual battery charger is supplied with both an A/C cord as well as a car cigarette lighter socket cable— very handy when traveling by car, as this eliminates the need for an A/C inverter.

Since it offers a USB port, an iPhone or iPad can also be charged; I tested this briefly and the iPhone 4s was content to charge off the USB port.

Shown below is the unit with two Canon LP-E6 batteries inserted.

See reader comments further below.

Pearstone Duo Battery Charger for Canon LP-E6 having charged two of my batteries
Pearstone Duo Battery Charger for Canon LP-E6
(or other brands with appropriate adapter plates)
Pearstone Duo Battery Charger for Canon LP-E6 cord for car lighter socket

Reader comments

Although I tested the Pearstone charger, I have no long-term experience with it. Reader comments are presented as-is. Readers should note that even the best brands have issues sometimes, and that bad experiences tend to get reported.

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Daryl O writes

Pearstone makes some nice items but they are not reliable as you point out. I purchased three batteries and a charger, all items have issues. My cheap Lenmars are older and are much better behaved. I wrote B&H complaining about this but never received a reply and they continue to sell the brand so maybe mines was unusual but I don't think so.

James S writes

Lloyd, a quick note about the Pearstone dual charger you've reviewed. I owned a Pearstone AA quick charger and one day it melted down--literally. If I hadn't checked on the batteries I was charging before I headed to bed, it probably would've set my bookcase on fire.

I use Pearstone products (like their wireless cable release, which is the least-wretched "smart" cable release I've ever used).

Stefan S of Hartblei writes:

If you really want to see the perfect charger take a look at Dolgin. Dolgin Engineering chargers are also sold at B&H, 4 slot design, industrial strenght made Of massive parts and electronics.

We are also selling these here in Germany as HCam.

Up to 1527MB/s sustained performance


This Pearstone Duo Battery Charger for Canon LP-E6 conveniently charges two batteries simultaneously, drawing power from either an AC wall source (an AC cord with two-prong plug is included) or a 12/24V DC power source (a DC car charger is also included). Additionally, the Duo Charger features a USB power output to charge & power MP3 players, phones, digital cameras, and other devices with a USB power input.

With two easily interchangeable plates, the intelligent charger can also be used for other battery models that are not listed above – via the separate purchase of an additional battery plate that's compatible with the intended battery model.

The intelligent charger features an LCD display that graphically shows charge status for both batteries. This allows you to test batteries instantaneously, so you can easily decide which Li-ion cells to bring with you for the day. With protection against overcharging, overheating, and short circuit, the Duo Charger safely, conveniently, and quickly recharges up to two compatible Li-ion batteries and one USB-powered device.

Dual Bay Charger

Charges two batteries simultaneously

LCD Display
The LCD display shows charging status, charging voltage, USB output, and DC output

USB Output

Charge or supply power for MP3 devices, mobile phones, digital cameras, and other related devices with a USB power input – even while you're charging your digital camera or camcorder batteries. USB output is also displayed on the LCD

Test Button

Test the charge of a battery even with the Duo Charger unplugged by sliding the battery into the charging plate and pressing the Test button. Press the button a second time to display the voltage of the battery
Safety Features
Short-circuit protection, overcharge protection, and overheat protection

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