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OWC Envoy Pro EX SSD
Blazingly fast Thunderbolt 3 SSD!

Up to 4TB capacity, USB-C compatible.

USB-C model also available

Great for travel or for desktop!

Vello Wireless Shutterboss Remote With Timers

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The Vello Wireless ShutterBoss Remote works with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic and other brand cameras.

The remote transmitter can function as a shutter release, clean and simple. But it also offers long exposures, interval shooting, multiple exposure, delayed release functions.

The Vello Wireless ShutterBoss Remote is very light. As weighed on my gram-accurate scale:

134g with receiver+ transmitter + cable + batteries

Instruction manual

The well written manual puts the equivalent Nikon and Canon manuals to shame, explaining in plain language how to use it.

However, I did not read the manual first. A well-designed product should not need a manual to be read, at least for basic operations, so when testing gear, I insist on bypassing the manual initially.

To its credit, I had the Vello Wireless ShutterBoss Remote functioning perfectly within about 2 minutes from unpacking the box.

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NuGard KX Case for iPhones and iPads.
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In use

I tested the unit with my Canon 5D Mark II. I was able to control the expected functions, including making exposures with and without mirror lockup engaged. I did not test the more elaborate functions such as interval shooting, though this is planned.

With new gear, one never knows what issues might arise after some months of use, but my initial impressions were very favorable.

Self portraits

One can activate the camera from a distance, up to a (claimed) 250 feet.

One key benefit of a wireless remote is taking pictures of oneself! No more setting the self timer to 10-12 seconds then sprinting to get back into position. And one can take more than one shot without having to return to the camera. This feature alone is worth the price.

Sony A7S III

NEW! Available for pre-order.

12MP with 16-Bit Raw Output
HLG and S-Log3 Gammas
UHD 4K 120p10-Bit 4:2:2 Internal.

One remote, one transmitter, many camera systems

One distinct benefit of the system is that with a camera-specific cable, the same remote (transmitter) and receiver can be used. So if I’m in the field, I can carry one remote that works on either my Canon or Nikon DSLRs; I can just carry the two cables, which are inconsequential in weight and bulk.

Extra cables are about $6 each, so it might also make sense to carry a spare as well; small items are easy to lose (black is about as unhelpful as it gets when one is looking for a small part). The foregoing is not specific to the Vello unit, it’s pretty much an invariant with all brands.

Wireless = no risk of movement

Using a remote release (with mirror lockup) means that one won’t jiggle the camera by pressing its shutter release. See Making Sharp Images for more on doing this all correctly.

A cabled (wired) remote can jiggle the camera (e.g. the hand grasping the remote moves the cable attached to the camera, so there is some motion being transmitted to the camera).

Furthermore, some remote cables become stiff in sub-freezing weather, making them more prone to jiggling the camera. Also, the wind can move a wired remote cable, transmitting vibration to the camera, enough to subtly blur an image.

Wireless operation means one can stand near the camera mounted on a tripod and block the wind suitably, without being awkwardly constrained by a cable. Or move further away, for reasons of footing, or wildlife, or whatever.

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Works wired too

Don’t need wireless or don’t want to carry a receiver or for some reason the battery dies in the receiver? The cable plugs directly into the transmitter unit, thus making it operate like any other wired remote.

Vello Wireless ShutterBoss Remote for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, etc


Vello's Wireless ShutterBoss Timer Remote (Nikon 10-Pin Connection) doesn't just trip your shutter wirelessly. It's also equipped to handle a long list of timer functions: self-timer, interval timer, long exposure timer, as well as controlling the number of continuous shutter releases. It works with a vast array of different cameras--just swap out the camera release cable for the correct camera. The transmitter works at distances up to 250' (80 m) on any one of 99 channels over a reliable 2.4GHz frequency.

Timer delays, exposure times, and intervals can be set for up to 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds, in one-second increments. You can also choose anywhere from 1 to 99 continuous shots or you can set the timer to take an unlimited number of photos. The receiver uses a CR2 lithium battery, and the transmitter uses 2x AAA batteries, which can last up to 4 years on standby.

Compatible Cameras
NIKON: D1/D1H/D1X/D2/D3/D3x/D3s/D2H/D2Hs/D2X/D2Xs/D200/D300/D300x/D300s/D700 FUJI: S3 Pro, S5 Pro

Channel Selector — 99 possible radio channels, plus one universal channel, over the reliable FSK 2.4 GHz frequency. No dip switches to set. One transmitter can trigger multiple receivers.

Extended Range — Up to 250' (80 m)

Multi-Function — Trigger your camera wirelessly or wired.

Versatile — One receiver works with dozens of camera models. Just swap out the camera release cable.

Dual-Function Release — Press halfway to focus; press full to trigger shutter.

Delayed Release — Delay function gives you extra time to get into position.

Multi-Exposure — Take multiple shots with one press of the trigger.

Interval Control — Control the amount of time between multiple shots.

Long Exposure — Control the length of the exposure remotely.

LED Indicators — Confirm pre-focus and exposure.

Ultra-Low Power — AAA transmitter batteries can last up to four years on standby

Save Big $$$$ on Memory for 2019 Mac Pro

Up to 65% better pricing than Apple

Lloyd recommends 32GB RDIMM modules for most users (more expensive LRDIMMS are for 512GB or more).

OWC Accelsior 4M2 PCIe SSD
6000 MB/sec!
Mac or PC.

Ideal for Lightroom, Photoshop, video.
Capacity up to 16TB!

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