How to View Images at Full Retina Resolution

The Apple MacBook Pro 15" (June 2012) offers a 2880 X 1800 “Retina” display, which is breathtaking to behold with good imagery presented correctly.

By default, the Retina display is pixel-doubled (each pixel is scaled to a group of 4 pixels, twice linearly). This is done to maintain the proper size relationships in programs such as web browsers.

At, the built-in image controls (for large images) make it possible for subscribers to view the large images unscaled and unresampled at native resolution*.

* Images with numerically odd (non-even) pixel dimensions will still be resampled, but quality is still very good. Future work will avoid all odd pixel dimensions.

How to view at Retina resolution

Viewing at Retina resolution is very simple. For large images with the Resize control, choose the 50% size for any large image (for 1440 Retina mode). Many other sizes also look excellent on the Retina display.

Choose a size of 50% to view images at full resolution on a Retina display

How to

The image below will draw (scaled to fit), taking advantage of the Retina display.

Click to view a larger image, then choose 50% (as above) to see an unscaled native-pixels rendition (on a Retina display of course!).

Click to view at large size

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