About HD and UltraHD Images

Please see How to Resize Images To Fit on Screen and Using the Image Comparison Modes before reading this page and see also About Lens Rendering Aperture Series.

Diglloyd.com has long provided HD quality images (2400 to 2880 pixels wide) for a high quality viewing experience in the diglloyd publications. These HD images are immensely enjoyable on 30-inch desktop displays and/or for advanced laptops such as the Apple Mac Book Pro Retina (2880 pixel wide screen).

The expected arrival by mid 2014 of 4K displays with up to 3840 pixels resolution has prompted the addition of Ultra-HD resolution images, typically 3842 X 2568 pixels. These images are very large and slower to load, so most users are cautioned to stick for HD resolution in most cases.

High resolution HD and Ultra-HD images are included in diglloyd publications for subscribers.

Relative sizes

The standard, HD and Ultra-HD sizes are shown below at reduced size but to-scale relative to each other:

  • Standard: 1284 pixels wide.
  • HD: 2568 pixels wide.
  • 4K UltraHD: 3840 pixels wide, stunning on a 4K display.

These sizes for 3:2 aspect ratio; 4:3 images aspect ratio images are shown at approximately 3400 X 2568 for the Ultra-HD size.

Standard size: 1284 pixels wide
HD size: 2568 pixels wide
Ultra HD size: 3852 pixels wide

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