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Access to Guides and publications is via subscription on an annual basis, see the overview of subscriptions at There is no “auto renew”.

Login to your account to view account status.

Renewal notices

Renewal notices are usually sent 2-4 times for each publication, bracketed roughly ±30 days before and after the date of expiration. The email is a short plain-text courtesy notice sent to the contact email for your account.

The pre-expiration renewal notices afford subscribers the opportunity to renew at the renewal rate. Past the renewal date, some publications have no grace period, others have a short grace period; prompt renewal is appreciated.

Disabling renewal notices

The only option for not receiving renewal notices is to “whack” the subscriber email.

This disables all renewal notices and contact emails of any kind, and resets the account to “non subscriber” status, making it ineligible for any renewal pricing or support of any kind. Courtesy in requesting this “close my account” change is appreciated, as we are neither robots nor a big corporation. And sometimes when traveling this cannot be done until return.

For obvious reasons, such requests cannot be honored from an email not associated with the account. Please supply username and password to prove your identity in such a case.

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