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24-megapixel APS-C DSLR with SuperResolution true-color..

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Fujifilm GFX100S

100 megapixels in a body the size of a 35mm DSLR!.

Pentax 645D 40-Megapixel Medium Format DSLR

A price/performance breakthrough?.

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2022-09-01 Screaming Deal on Apple iMac 5K: Superb Display with a FREE Computer Inside as Low as $849

2022-08-14 SDXC Card Errors on Fujifilm GFX100S + Reader Comment on Leica Failing to Report Card Errors

2022-01-10 REVIEWED: 2020 iMac 5K vs 2019 iMac 5K vs 2019 Mac Pro


2021-11-23 Computing Suggestions Aimed at Photographers and Videographers— Macs, Storage, Connectivity

2021-10-29 LibRaw RawPreviewExtractor Extracts JPEG Previews Embedded in RAW files

2021-04-16 Sony A1: Using Camera Memory Banks and Custom Shooting Set to Quickly Switch Settings

2021-01-26 Sony A1 Initial Impressions


2020-08-05 Apple 2020 iMac 5K: some Nice New Options but with Downsides for Pro Users (and save up to 77.7% on memory at OWC)

2020-05-12 Work from Home: Mac Pro deal, and what to get with it

2020-03-15 Rocking Fast 10-core iMac Pro with 256GB memory that Runs macOS High Sierra

2020-02-19 Recommendation for Photographers, Three Great Deals for Apple MacBook Pro

2020-01-29 Why I Returned the 16-Core 2019 Mac Pro... Wanted 28 Cores!

2020-01-19 For Mac/Windows/Linux/etc — diglloydTools IntegrityChecker Java version 1.3b5 Now Available — Includes Automated Install Script for macOS users


2019-12-26 On the Way for Testing: 2019 Mac Pro 16-core / 48GB / 4TB

2019-12-19 Reader Question: 2019 Mac Pro vs iMac Pro vs 2019 iMac 5K

2019-12-18 HUGE Savings on Mac Pro Memory at OWC

2019-12-18 Factory refurbished Apple iMac Pro at a great price from OWC

2019-12-13 The Good Stuff for Your 2019 Mac Pro

2019-12-12 Consult with Lloyd for the best possible Mac for your Computing Needs (or general PC configuration)

2019-12-10 Apple Mac Pro and Apple Pro Display XDR Now Available for Pre-Order at B&H Photo

2019-12-08 Apple Mac Pro and Apple Pro Display XDR to be Available for Ordering December 10 — Consult with Lloyd for your own Workflow Needs

2019-11-20 Thoughts on Choosing Between the Apple 2019 Mac Pro vs 2019 MacBook Pro 16-Inch and Expected 2020 iMac Pro

2019-11-18 2019 Apple MacBook Pro with 16" Display: the Single Computer Solution At Last

2019-11-14 2019 Apple MacBook Pro with 16" Display

2019-09-04 128GB Memory in my 2019 iMac 5K is Still Not Enough at Times

2019-08-24 Gigapixel Stitched Images and Panoramas with the Really Right Stuff PG-02 on the Really Right Stuff TFC-24L Tripod

2019-07-02 Got a School Age Kid, or Just Want a Mac for Handy Access Where You Want It?

2019-06-23 At a Glance: Why the 2019 iMac 5K Rocks for my Photo Work, and Why the GPU is Much Less Important than 8 Fast CPU Cores

2019-06-14 The 2019 iMac 5K that I Use is Already Discounted at B&H Photo

2019-06-12 Particularly Good Deals at B&H Photo

2019-06-04 Apple 2019 Mac Pro: Everything I Want... but Truly High-End and Unaffordable for Most

2019-05-06 Selling the 2017 iMac 5K and Buying the 2019 iMac 5K — Compelling Performance Gains for My Work, Plus 128GB Memory

2019-03-10 Reader Comments: Just How Does the 2018 Mac mini Pan Out When Deploying for Professional Use?

2019-02-28 Reader Question: Moving from a 2010 Mac Pro to Newer Mac such as 2018 Mac mini (UPDATED with Reader Comments)


2018-12-20 Apple 2018 Mac mini: Substantial Performance Gain over the Fastest 2017 iMac 5K

2018-11-07 Need Memory for the 2018 Mac Mini? OWC Saves You Money

2018-11-01 OWC Products Compatible with new 2018 MacMini, 2018 MacBook Air, 2018 iPad Pro

2018-09-27 Zeiss ZX1 Fixed-Lens Camera

2018-09-01 Amazing Deals on the Brand-New Apple 2018 MacBook Pro: What to Get for a High School or College Student

2018-07-12 Apple Updates the MacBook Pro to a Real Pro Machine

2018-05-24 My Recommended iMac 5K for Photographers is now $400 Off

2018-01-07 Testing the Apple iMac Pro + macOS Compatibility Issues with Zerene Stacker and Iridient Developer


2017-12-29 Buying an iMac Pro or iMac 5K + iMac Pro in Stock at B&H Photo

2017-12-27 OWC Tears Down the 2017 iMac Pro, Announces Future Memory Upgrade Programs

2017-12-20 iMac Pro Models for Photographers

2017-12-14 iMac Pro: Pricing and Thoughts

2017-11-23 Why I Probably Will Never Buy a Mac Pro Again

2017-11-20 Ordered a 2017 iMac 5K: Why Now and what about iMac Pro?

2017-09-04 Deals on Apple MacBook Pro: My Thoughts on Deeply Discounted 2016 Model vs 2017 Model

2017-06-15 Deals on Apple Macs

2017-06-07 Updated Apple iMac 5K Still Offers the Best Image Viewing + Save a Bundle by Ordering 8GB Config in Mid-2017 iMac 5K

2017-04-19 Sony’s New α9 Camera Appears to Target the High-End Sport Shooter Market


2016-09-19 Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II: Major Improvements and New Features

2016-08-04 Struggling with Sigma Photo Pro (Updated with 4 reader comments)

2016-08-02 Sigma sd Quattro Here: X3I Files Introduce Ultra High Dynamic Range (SFD) mode.

2016-05-13 OWC Weekender: Deep Discounts on Apple Mac Pro and Memory

2016-05-11 Tested: SanDisk Extreme Pro 512GB SDXC Camera Card

2016-03-14 3 iMac Deals + High-Performance iMac for Photo/Video Use

2016-02-01 Canon EOS-1D X Mark II


2015-12-29 iMac 5K (Late 2015): Sheer Viewing Pleasure in the Fastest Mac Available

2015-12-17 Why I Use Three NEC Displays on Mac Pro

2015-12-02 iMac 5K vs Mac Pro: PhotoZoom Pro

2015-11-24 Get a Gorgeous 5K Display—with a Free Computer Included!

2015-11-23 iMac 5K (Late 2015) with 64GB: a Good Option for Many Photographers

2015-11-21 Apple iMac 5K Trounces 3.3 GHz 8-Core Mac Pro on my Most Important Job in Photoshop

2015-11-21 Apple iMac 5K Color Gamut Discussion

2015-11-20 Apple iMac 5K vs 8-Core Mac Pro: iMac is Looking Darn Good

2015-11-16 Deals on Apple MacBook Pro (Just Posted)

2015-11-11 Photoshop/Lightroom Problem + Deals on Hard Drives and Memory + Testing 8TB Hard Drives

2015-08-27 DEAL: 2013 Mac Pro + SPECIAL BUNDLE DISCOUNT (“sweet spot” for photography )

2015-06-10 Announced: Sony RX10 Mark II, Sony RX100 Mark IV


2014-11-21 Faster Photoshop Scratch for Memory-Limited Macs with Thunderbolt 2

2014-07-21 Memory Cards: Big discounts on high capacity SDXC and Compact Flash

2014-04-24 Leica T System: Quick Comments

2014-04-14 Pentax 645Z 51-Megapixel Medium Format DSLR, 13 Pentax Lenses Now Avail in USA


2013-03-20 Sigma Photo Pro: Unacceptable Stability

2013-02-14 Mac Book Pro with Retina Display — Price Drop and Recommendation


2012-11-23 OWC Black Friday Deals for Mac or PC

2012-07-30 Why I NEED 80GB Memory in my Mac Pro: Photoshop CS6 Performance


2011-11-26 Even LOWER than Black Friday Specials on Memory and SSDs

2011-06-18 Which Mac Pro for Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3.x?

2011-03-09 Mac Workstation In the Field? MacBook Pro Now Takes 16GB Memory


2010-05-07 Apple Mac Pro: quad-core @ 3.33GHz or 8-core @ 2.93GHz?

2010-04-30 Optimizing Photoshop CS5 — 5X slower or 3X faster than CS4!

2010-04-26 Special report: Virtual Memory Performance on Apple MacBook Pro

2010-04-14 DIGLLOYD Mac Performance Guide releases powerful Mac Performance Enhancement and Testing Tools — diglloydTools 2.0

2010-04-13 New Apple MacBook Pro with Intel Core i5, i7 CPU

2010-03-05 Latest Apple Mac Pro rumor — March 16 @ 3.33Ghz hexacore

2010-01-21 Shape Collage Pro for fast and easy digital photo collages


2009-12-28 Adobe Lightroom 3 beta performance — not good

2009-12-23 Speeding up your laptop

2009-12-19 Reviewed: 8GB memory modules for Apple Mac Pro Nehalem

2009-12-17 Photoshop CS4 memory bug (Mac)

2009-12-17 64GB memory in 8-core Mac Pro! (tested!)

2009-12-16 64GB memory in your 8-core Mac Pro! (8GB memory modules)

2009-12-15 32GB memory in your quad-core Mac Pro! (8GB memory modules)

2009-12-08 Apple’s new 3.33GHz Mac Pro — fastest Mac yet!

2009-11-25 Quad-core iMac vs Mac Pro — toy or serious tool?

2009-10-25 Apple’s new MacMini — good for photographers?

2009-10-20 Apple’s new quad-core iMac — analysis

2009-09-29 Upgrade your unibody MacBook Pro to 8GB

2009-09-02 Upgrade your unibody MacBook Pro to 8GB

2009-08-18 Memory: 16GB in a quad-core Mac Pro

2009-08-18 Memory prices are headed UP

2009-08-18 How many CPU cores?

2009-07-22 Some memory prices might be heading up

2009-06-09 New Apple Macbook Pro

2009-04-09 Adding 8GB memory to the MacBook Pro

2009-03-29 Mac Pro Nehalem 4GB modules from OWC testing

2009-03-28 Mac Pro Nehalem: 4GB modules from OWC

2009-03-25 Mac Pro memory prices

2009-03-15 Mac Pro memory might require thermal sensors

2009-03-14 Troubling news on Mac Pro memory

2009-03-11 Mac Pro “Nehalem” 2.93GHz

2009-03-08 MacBook Pro 17" 2.93GHz reviewed

2009-03-05 Reader feedback: 6GB in MacBook Pro

2009-03-04 Mac Pro followup: memory costs $$$$$$

2009-03-03 New Mac Pro — what is Apple smoking?

2009-03-03 8GB memory for the new iMac

2009-02-11 Upgrade your MacBook Pro to 6GB


2008-11-11 Photoshop CS4 performance bugs

2008-11-10 Optimizing Photoshop performance

2008-11-10 32GB Mac Pro memory on the way

2008-10-25 Photoshop CS4 and OpenGL — poor redraw speed

2008-10-17 All About Mac Pro Memory update

2008-07-04 Testing New memory and hard disks

2008-02-24 Best boot drive for a Mac Pro


2007-04-29 System crashes—Adobe products?

2007-04-10 8 core Mac Pro vs 4 core Mac Pro

2007-04-06 Apple drops memory prices

2007-04-05 Eight (8) core Apple Mac Pro now available

2007-03-29 Discount on Mac Pro memory

2007-03-28 Mac Pro article updated, Mac Pro memory

2007-03-27 Memory for sale: 4 X 512MB FB-DIMM for Mac Pro

2007-03-23 Stable memory

2007-03-13 8-core Mac Pro rumored soon

2007-03-07 How much memory to buy

2007-03-07 ECC memory errors followup

2007-03-07 ECC memory errors again

2007-03-06 ECC memory errors

2007-03-05 Mac Pro memory performance

2007-03-03 Mac Pro memory temperature

2007-03-02 Memory stress-testing OK

2007-03-02 Mac Pro memory—stress testing

2007-03-02 Mac Pro memory—installation

2007-03-02 Mac Pro memory comments

2007-02-28 Mac Pro and Canon Digital Photo Professional


2006-12-25 Talking around the real problem—can’t make use of my RAM

2006-11-21 A bad computer day—readers inquire

2006-09-07 iMac Developer Note

2006-09-02 diglloydTools — Hardware Stress Test for PowerPC or Intel

2006-08-28 A tale of two Quads

2006-08-22 More on Mac Pro memory

2006-08-20 Memory speed on the new MacPro

2006-08-20 How much memory to buy?

2006-08-20 Correction on MacPro memory prices at

2006-08-18 Mac Pro memory, at a very appealing price

2006-08-17 The 3GHz MacPro

2006-08-10 More on the new Apple MacPro

2006-08-08 Why I won’t be buying a MacPro for at least 9 months

2006-04-11 Running Parallels virtualization software on the MacBook Pro

2006-02-15 New computer equipment

2006-01-28 The PowerMac G5 Quad and power usage

2006-01-24 Error Correcting Code memory

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