Capacities up to 48TB and speeds up to 1527MB/s

Filter—B+W UV 010 UV (clear)

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Graphs are in nanometers. Visible light is approximately 390 - 650 nm (the human eye can see very weakly into the 700-800nm range). Graphs used by permission of Coastal Optical System.

Buying filters

A great source for filters at competitive prices is our trusted sponsor, B&H Photo. Get filters at B&H Photo.

Spectral transmission — B+W UV 010

This is what an ideal UV filter should do: pass the visible spectrum at with a nice flat transmission curve.

Be sure to get the scratch-resistant “MRC” version. Don’t waste your money on the “slim” versions which are a nuisance as well (lens cap won’t fit).

Get B+W UV filters at B&H Photo.

B+W 010 UV filter
Durable and fast, up to 1800MB/s

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